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5] Light
Names of elements were scrawled on a white board along with symbols to help explain them.  The words seemed to be color-coded, but the pictures were colored more detailed to better show what each element looked like.
“Now, students, as some of you may or may not know, the elements are all around us. It is physically impossible to live in a world without them. When it rains, that's water rushing from the sky to supply us. Nature grows all around us to provide nourishment and plant life. Life is the energy within all of us that allows us to live on. One day soon, it will be your turn to claim and control these elements like everyone else.”
The bell rang, signaling recess. Kids left their sticker-covered desks in favor of the playground waiting just outside for them.
A young girl stayed behind, however.  It seemed like she was waiting for something.  She swayed back and forth as she waited for the rest of the kids to leave before running up to the teacher.
The t
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4] Scary
“Let him go!”
The man held the blade closer to the boy's throat.  “Or what?”  His smile widened.  “I don't suppose you'd be willing to trade.”
A tear slide down the boy's cheek.  Ivory covered her face.  “Roan...I'm so so sorry...I didn't...I did not...I would never wish for any harm to befall you.”
The man cleared his throat to get her attention once again.  “So...what say you come with me, and I'll leave your little brother here safe and sound? You'd better make up your mind before the guards get here, because I hate waiting.”  He pressed the blade into Roan's neck.  “My hand could slip any second, you know.”
“S-Sissy...,” Roan choked out.
“So what's it gonna be, Princess?” the man asked.
Ivory dropped to the ground.  “I...don' not hurt him...please...I will go with you.”
The man smirked.  “Good girl. Now, to make su
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Mushroom! by Clickette7 Mushroom! :iconclickette7:Clickette7 1 0 Adoptable #1 (OPEN) by Clickette7 Adoptable #1 (OPEN) :iconclickette7:Clickette7 3 0
3] Drama (I totally cheated on this one)
3] Drama
“Oh, Ivy dear!”  It was Ivory's mother.
She stepped over quickly yet gracefully.  Clickette thought she was going to leap in the air and twirl at one point.
When she finally made it over, Aster and Noah were still puzzled as to who this woman was.  But before either could speak, she spoke again.  “Ivy, know your manners. Care to introduce me to your friends?”
Attention shifted to Ivory.  She was looking down at her hands, twiddling her thumbs.  Her hair and shoulders looked as if they were trying to hide her.
Finally, she looked up.  Her eyes lacked personality.  Her face showed no sign of emotion save for seriousness and worry.  She struggled to keep her eye brows from dropping.
“Sorry, mother.”  Ivory's voice was barely above a whisper.  “Everyone, this is my mother.  Mother, these are my friends.”  She presumed to drop her head again.
“Oh thank you, Ivy.
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2] Humor
2] Humor
“So...your friend hosted a party...”
“...and you decided before going...”
“Uh huh.”
“...that you were gonna bring a watermelon...”
“That's right.”
“...and smash it over her head?”
“You've got it.”
“And you thought that was a good idea?”
“I never said that.”
The older teen rolled her eyes.  “Click, don't you ever think before doing stuff?”
Clickette shrugged.  “Not really. I find their reactions a lot more amusing when I don't give warnings. What do you think, Scarlet?”
“I think you deserve punishment.”
Clickette tensed.  “Defcon three?”
Scarlet shook her head.
Another head shake.
Her eyes widened.  “One?”  There was a sharp crack in her voice.
A grin spread across Scarlet's face.  Her eyes held a reflection of mischief.  “Oh, yeah. Yo
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100 Theme Challenge - 1] Beginnings
1] Beginnings
Heels clicked against the wood flooring.  Feedback played through the speakers as she fumbled with the microphone, causing her to flinch.  Adults used these things to talk to large groups of people, so why couldn't she?
“H-hello,” her voice cracked.  Her heart rate elevated, and she swallowed.  “Greetings.”
Her mother cleared her throat, prompting the girl to look over to her.  She motioned to continue, but that only caused her stomach to turn.
She tapped the microphone, hoping the gentle tap sound could calm her.  “ know...I am...or rather, I will be...your next princess...of Nareina. I....”
Her hands began shaking as whispers among the crowd arose.
“Our next princess? She is only a child!”
“I hope Her Highness knows what she's doing.”
“Honestly, a ten-year-old girl being next in line. What is next, an Empty?”
She wanted to collapse, to cry out how confused she w
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Next Birthday
“What a freak.”
“Yeah. Come on guys, let's go.”
It's not that he couldn't speak, it's that he chose not to.  In a way, he didn't know how.  People were so mean, anyways, so why bother?
So, he scribbled in the corner, away from the other kids.
“Mom, stop it. I'm not a little kid anymore.”
She giggled quietly.  “I'm sorry, I can't help. Look at how big you've gotten.”  She looked as if she wanted to say more, but she held back.
“Mom?”  He raised an eyebrow, clearly picking up on the mood.  “Something you wanna tell me?”
She shook her head.  “Just...enjoy life while you're young. But remember to put your responsibilities first.”
He sighed.  It was just another speech.
She smiled.  “Do you need any help unpacking or anything before I go?”
“No, Mom. I have everything under control.”
She gave a sad smile.  “Okay mor
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A Living Hell
She sighed, tugging on her chains trapping her to the ground.  Before her, a man grew a sinister smile.
“You've done great terrors and caused great pain to everyone around you. Not to mention, you've been doing my bidding for quite some time.”
She dropped her head.
“You're quiet. Have nothing to say? Or have you just run out of excuses?”
She looked up, eying him with powerful eyes.  “Everything I learned was from you. There's no point.”
He stifled a laugh.  “You certainly didn't get your intelligence from me. Give yourself a little credit.”
She sighed.
“Most people in your position would cry, would beg for mercy, would beg for redemption—a second chance. You're aware of your actions though. You know better.”
“I'd be wasting my breath, which is exactly what you're doing.”
The man laughed.  “Oh, such a sharp tongue, even in front of the devil himself, you still hold strong.”
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Kayn x Fem!Reader // Issues
You were probably in the worst situation possible... You, [Y/N], decided it would be a great idea to mess around with Shieda Kayn the Shadow Reaper. This was the first time you ever had harassed him. Not with words though- with actions.
You decided to tease him... You always winked at him during the games you summoned him. You also flirted with him, using very cringe pick-up lines. You even went as far as kissing him on the cheek, climbing upon his back, and talking about how built he was, right in front of him- face-to-face. ("Oh my god you know you're really attractive and really hot af?", "Your looks got me shook")
Admittedly, you felt awkward doing all of this, especially since you had a small, *cough cough* huge crush on him. But you really just wanted to get a reaction out of Kayn, since he was always so... Quiet, mysterious, and somewhat sadistic. (Although you knew that was, more Rhaast's doing.)
But this is not&
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Eastern Mercy :18+ optional: by Axsens Eastern Mercy :18+ optional: :iconaxsens:Axsens 4,893 75 The setting sun of  ilios by Liang-Xing The setting sun of ilios :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 8,978 109 Teenie beanie Dratini plush by scilk Teenie beanie Dratini plush :iconscilk:scilk 145 25 Target practice by Draw-it-Ralph Target practice :icondraw-it-ralph:Draw-it-Ralph 117 31 Mercy by NeoArtCorE Mercy :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 11,173 234 Mini Faerie Mermaids by sakimichan Mini Faerie Mermaids :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,141 577
Titan's Bounty
“I've found the job of our lifetime.” Dean sounded almost happy as he returned to the hotel room “Just one 'yes' away from retirement, really.”
“Oi, now... is it that good? Must be a trap, Dean.” Killian rumbled, sitting on his bed... despite his usual habits, he wasn't really sleeping this time... just thinking and laying down.
“Since when are we scared of fucking traps? We'll see through it and get filthy rich with this.” Dean nodded, sitting down on a chair, opposite Killian.
“So, what's tha deal?” Killian asked.
“Some uber-rich noble lost his precious, genetically enhanced pet and wants it back.” Dean shrugged “I can't even imagine how much that thing costed, seeing how many millions he's offering for a successful delivery.”
“Goin' t'look fer a stray cat? Really? Tha job o'our lifetime?” Killian looked at him flatly.
“Not a fucking cat, dammit! It's more of a monster, really... got
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10. Go away! I'm too big!
“Go away! I'm too big. I might hurt you.”
Livia felt her bones shake, her teeth feeling like they might rattle right out of her skull with the low tone rumbling through her. It was frightening...but thrilling.
The words were powerful beyond belief and almost seemed to be a force of nature more than an actual voice.
It was like hearing an earthquake speak. Or what she imagined that might sound like.
It probably felt the same as well.
The small elf swallowed hard, but didn't move from her perch on the cliffside, remaining crouched there with her boots firmly planted against the stone so she wouldn't slide and fall.
“I'm not going anywhere! Not until I have a chance to speak with you!”...She shouted, unsure if the man was even able to hear her voice. Never before had her voice sounded so entirely weak in her own ears as it did in that moment after hearing him speak.
She was barely even an ant to him in comparison, looking up at the enormous figure sitting there amo
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Juicy Lips by Lighane Juicy Lips :iconlighane:Lighane 1,427 174 blueberry by meago blueberry :iconmeago:meago 15,796 734 Cuddle by meago Cuddle :iconmeago:meago 13,003 579 [YOI] Victor 2 by Claparo-Sans [YOI] Victor 2 :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 5,320 133 Amaterasu Okami by Claparo-Sans Amaterasu Okami :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 7,491 134 Day 1428. Boo-quet by Cryptid-Creations Day 1428. Boo-quet :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,270 258 Overwatch Suits by einlee Overwatch Suits :iconeinlee:einlee 11,000 667



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