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FEA: A Difficult Choice by clgpic FEA: A Difficult Choice :iconclgpic:clgpic 2 2 I'm trying to draw Chrom and it's like by clgpic I'm trying to draw Chrom and it's like :iconclgpic:clgpic 1 0 FEA - Morgan and Penelope by clgpic FEA - Morgan and Penelope :iconclgpic:clgpic 3 0 FEA OC: Penelope by clgpic FEA OC: Penelope :iconclgpic:clgpic 4 6 FEA: Hazel Headshot by clgpic FEA: Hazel Headshot :iconclgpic:clgpic 4 4 CONCEPT: Hazel the Tactician by clgpic CONCEPT: Hazel the Tactician :iconclgpic:clgpic 3 15 2019 Meerkat Sketches by clgpic 2019 Meerkat Sketches :iconclgpic:clgpic 5 0 Blink by clgpic Blink :iconclgpic:clgpic 9 5 I drew a torso-- by clgpic I drew a torso-- :iconclgpic:clgpic 5 0 Sohnii Sketch, yet again by clgpic Sohnii Sketch, yet again :iconclgpic:clgpic 5 7
Blank Bionicle Bio Template
-- [character/author], "[title]"
[link to reference sheet/application]
^^^ Reference Sheet ^^^
[link to relationships]
╰☆N A M E☆╮
:bulletgreen: [nicknames]
╰☆S P E C I E S☆╮
[Species Name]
:bulletgreen: Element: [if they have one]
:bulletgreen: Power: [mask power for non-Rahkshi]
:bulletgreen: Weapon: [text]
:bulletgreen: Host Makuta: [for Rahkshi only]
:bulletgreen: Unusual Traits: [text]
╰☆B A S I C S☆╮
:bulletgreen: Gender: [text]
:bulletgreen: Age: [text]
:bulletgreen: Origin: [place of creation/birth]
:bulletgreen: Location: [current location]
[Bullet; Green] Theme: "[song]" by [artist]
╰☆V O I C E☆╮
:iconclgpic:clgpic 3 7
Two Grovyles by clgpic Two Grovyles :iconclgpic:clgpic 12 4 Toa Xalo of Lightning (Concept Sketch) by clgpic Toa Xalo of Lightning (Concept Sketch) :iconclgpic:clgpic 27 2 Concept Sketch: Toa Xalo by clgpic Concept Sketch: Toa Xalo :iconclgpic:clgpic 4 0
CORPUS RAHKSHI: Sohnii's full history
NOTE: The following history is for Sohnii's alternate version that exists in the BZPower roleplay, Corpus Rahkshi, and differs slightly from his mainstream history, which is still a work in progress.  
Sohnii's Makuta was known as Exurtha, and he was somewhat of a recluse among the Brotherhood.  Sohnii never really understood why, but although Exurtha was a brilliant scientist, he was also paranoid, nervous, and rather odd.  Apparently his fellow Makuta mocked and laughed at him for it.  Whatever the reason, at one point Exurtha retreated into hiding somewhere he could execute his experiments and scientific endeavors in peace.  He grew antisocial, and took residence on an island in the south.  To keep the Brotherhood off his back, Exurtha would throw a few weapons their way every now and then, and would provide assistance whenever he was summoned, but he otherwise had no dealings with them.  Because of this, he tolerated them, an
:iconclgpic:clgpic 3 3
Sohnii test... again by clgpic Sohnii test... again :iconclgpic:clgpic 7 0


"United in duty. Bound in Destiny. This is the way of the BIONICLE."

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Shadow's Origin

Shadow's Origin - Cover (NEW) by clgpic

Bullet; White -Page 18 

Bullet; White = not started
Bullet; Red = sketching
Bullet; Yellow = backgrounds
Bullet; Green = finishing

These Guys Are AWESOME

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clgpic's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, and welcome to my page! Most people call me Pancake or Pan, but a select few other people call me CLG. I'm an artist and roleplayer who focuses mainly on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Bionicle, although I do draw meerkats occasionally!

I run several Pokemon comics and stories. My concepts and characters are specific to PMD1 and PMD2, mostly because they've been in progress since 2009 or so.

My current fandoms are:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (1 & 2 only)
Bionicle (Gen 1 only)
Fire Emblem...? maybe, we'll see ewe
So, for those who don't know, I have a generic meerkat server.  Basically for any meerkat content, including roleplays.  We've even been discussing a new one recently, which I'm still interested in.  Anyway, send me a message if you're interested.

I'm considering my Linklu comic again, I think I've finally decided how to start it... 

Fire Emblem: Awakening? :3 

10 deviants said Yay!
10 deviants said Never played it...
No deviants said Meh


.....I reached the endgame.  I haven't beat it yet, but...


That opening cutscene... I... I have... no words... to explain how I feel right now... know what, I think I'm gonna have to make FEA a reoccurring thing in my gallery.  It's impacted me more than I thought it would.  Hope no one minds.  I mean, seriously, NOTHING has had such an effect on me since PMD2, and that was a whole decade ago.  I really want to do something with it... and it could help me improve my ability to draw people, anyway.

I know how this game ends.  And, despite that, I know it's going to kill me.  A friend is currently playing it so I won't say any more.

EDIT: NEVERMIND, I BEAT IT.  I AM DEAD INSIDE.  Nghhhhh... someone save me ;-;
So... I just had to share this xD

20190113 004431 by clgpic
Hazel started the conversation and it's like, "we're in the middle of a volcano, and the map is shrinking, can we not do this right now?"

This game likes to tease the shippers haha
I have to admit that trying to jump into Fire Emblem has really taken me out of my comfort zone.  I'm glad I did it, but...

You know that feeling where you like what you're doing but at the same time you're kinda all, "is this okay??"  I'm quite used to breaking the rules with my PMD2 characters to the point where I don't care what anyone thinks anymore, but not a lot of people work with their avatar like they do in Pokemon so I'm a little... scared to put myself out there.

Also it seems most of the hype for it was years ago.  I hope I can still meet some fans though ;A;

At the same time it's like, hey, I can draw people now. c:
Too many fandoms and too little time OTL
Sorry that I haven't posted much here! I've been getting ready for a trip.  You might not see much of me until the 30th or so.
So I've finally started working on my character bios. I'm still not sure if I'm going to be doing Sohnii or Tukeli first. Before I do all that, I have to edit my format to fit a Bionicle character... Right now it's designed for a Pokémon character, and obviously that doesn't work, haha. Just be aware that my character profiles are long. Really long.

Of course, I have other characters too, but Sohnii and Tukeli are further along in their development.

Sohnii in particular has a complex personality (as a few of you know) and quite a few personal concepts applied. I'm taking a few risks with him but I don't regret any of them. I just wish I could draw him as comfortably as I desperately want to.

For those familiar with Sohnii, though, he's gone through a series of changes... He's very different from the cheetah that used to stalk my gallery, but working with him has been amazing.
You might see a tiny decrease in activity here...

Mostly because of family drama tbh. It's wearing me out and leeching my creative energy :/

I do have Discord however, more likely to be active there. If I start to be a little weird and obsessive though, now you know why...
Think about this.

The Makuta call the Rahkshi their sons.  Which, if you think about it, they kinda are.  A Makuta creating Rahkshi is probably the closest you get to a sentient species in the Matoran universe reproducing... even if it's kinda weird.

But then, the Makuta don't really think twice about sending Rahkshi out to their deaths.  They obviously don't actually care about their creations at all.  Which, I suppose, is fine.  Considering they have the ability to force their will on their Rahkshi, and that these things are supposed to be beings of mass destruction.

Rahkshi aren't supposed to be sentient.  But creating Rahkshi that are has put this into a whole different perspective... 

Idk, just been thinking about that recently.

Okay, can I just say...
Artists have the right to draw whatever they want, however they want.

If you don't like how the characters from your franchise is being portrayed, that's YOUR problem, not theirs.  But at least be honest and say you don't like it, and be RESPECTFUL.  Everyone has their own style, and interests, and opinions.  They will not always be the same as yours.  And you know what? That's okay.   People with different views and tastes can still get along.

Artists want to hear how they can improve their work based on anatomy and execution, not why you think their work is lame, and how YOU think they should be drawing.

If you don't like what you're seeing in the fanbase, draw it yourself, don't demand that other people do the same.  Every artist needs to find their own path, and it may not end in the same place as yours.

Okay, vent over~
Also... Here's another sketch, I'm trying to only upload my good ones.  Where Rahkshi are concerned, I'm still trying to decide what direction I want to go...

Sohnii likes to sass me when I'm drawing him.  He and I have a complicated relationship.  :P

Image (101) by clgpic
Now, off to work, see you all later.
So, a question for my PMD watchers: Does anybody remember back when Sarah's backstory involved her originating from the Bionicle universe?  Probably not, it was back on my old account.  But don't go looking for it.  My ideas were crap so I abandoned the whole thing.

I'm considering reviving that concept, someday when I'm a little more familiar with the Bionicle universe.  Right now, I don't think I could give the Bionicle side of the story the quality it deserves, as I'm much more familiar with PMD.

If I did though, she would be an alternate version of Tukeli, brought to the PMD world (which I've started calling the Beta Dimension) by Giratina, who was released by Luna, my legendary Fakemon who disguises herself as an Espeon/Umbreon.  Whether Sara was disguised as a human or actually turned into one is undecided, but that's the basis of my current thoughts.  

I've always wanted to write a good Bionicle/PMD2 crossover though.  I've never been very experienced in both series at the same time so I've never been able to pull it off.  As it is, Bionicle has a lot of rules, and PMD has very few, which can make combining them difficult.  Especially since a lot of my own ideas have a lot of flaws and I'm not happy with them (Luna and Oblivion, mostly...)  But maybe that can change someday.
How many of you have Makuta characters? I'm trying to decide what mine look like, but... there's so much variation that I'm not sure where to start...
So, I was able to message an admin and have my old works removed.  They no longer exist.  So I can work on new things in peace.  :3
Oh, geeeeeeeez.  My worst fears has been confirmed.  o-o

So, back in 2008 I wrote a really terrible Bionicle fanfiction.  I posted it on Custom Bionicle.  And guess what.  It's still there.

I've lost my login so I can't delete it.

I practiced a little bit with my mouse and brush settings.  Not good enough to upload but I'll slap it here.

I may or may not be wanting to draw Le-Wahi scenes with Tukeli but feel my skills are not adequate enough-- Backgrounds are my weakness xD

Thing by clgpic
So, I've made a decision with Sohnii... 

For the roleplay he's in, I'm going with Chain Lightning for his power.  But as far as and oc, I might stick with Poison as his power because that's what he's always been.  I'm just not comfortable using it in a rp environment.
Me: This is going to be the short version of my history. Because no one in Corpus Rahkshi writes long things.

Me: *writes 6 paragraphs, and there will likely be two more when I'm done*

Me: ...shoot.  How to write short things?
So... this.

tumblr o7lfp7wbVl1rsgjvho1 1280 by clgpic
Considering Tukeli spent several hundred years in Le-Koro... and she's a Ga-Matoran... I might need to take this into consideration xD
I'm just realizing how hard writing in Treespeak really is... xD

Tukeli actually lived in Le-Koro so long that she picked up a few of their words... not many, but a few.

I just need to practice but I'm not sure how lol I just found out that over a year ago, the soundtrack to Mask of Light had been released.…

Watch me transform from an adult into a 10-year old fangirl immediately. year I'm definitely going to be doing something for this movie's anniversary.  Because man, I cannot tell you how influential it's been for me.  It's not perfect, yes, but that's never mattered to me.  I was only 9 when it came out, after all!


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