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I might be writing a FE3H fanfiction... it's going to have a few concepts in it that might bother some people, but at the very least, I'll write a script and keep it to myself. Just throwing that out there.
~~~The Childhood Adventures of Jayden and Mila: 1~~~ Jayden: Mila? Mila: No! It's too late for me! I've reached the point of no return! Jayden: Mila. Mila: Just... just LEAVE ME HERE to die in this FILTH. Jayden: Mila! Mila: Eh? Jayden: It's just a  ...
Jayden: I want you to stop depending on me, and make friends. Mila: Okay! Mila: *interacts with Dimitri* Jayden: No, not like that.  With the faculty. Mila: *interacts with Dimitri* Jayden: I said THE FACULTY. Mila: *interacts with Dimitri* Jayden: . ...


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So...I hear you have three houses now? (I assume?) What you think so far?

Who you like in Blue lions other then Dimitri? (I like everyone and I wanna protect them all.)

Yes, I have the game (on chap 14-16 I think), and no you can't have my switch code cause apparently I'm not set up properly to give get one.
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AHHHHHHHHH.  YES, YES I DO.  I know a few spoilers already but it's actually enhanced my experience, so :3

But you chose Blue Lions?! aaahhhhhHHHHH
I literally love all of them.  I think the one I like the least is Felix, but I still love him.  
I don't like the way he talks about Dimitri but other than that, I don't really hate any of them!
I, too, want to protect the blue children.  I would literally die for any of them.
...............I wish I could say I'm not biased but, I really, really love Dimitri.
He is my edgy good boy and I will love him forever.
I know what happens to him later but that only makes me love him more.
I don't really like Rhea but that's just me.

Yes, I'm currently in Chapter 9! Chapter 8 messed me up pretty bad but ahhhh
And that's okay.  My Switch is literally BRAND NEW this week so idek how to find that stuff :dummy:

But, so far, Three Houses is an amazing game.  So amazing that I definitely want to write something for it someday.  Until then I'll have to stick with Eevees ewe
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Ah cool.

Yup, cause another friend of mine choose it as well as one of my fave youtubers.

I didn't like Felix either, but at the same time his feelings and why he acts the way he do even at Dimitri is justified.( As much as it pains me to say...) Him, like everyone else has lost so much.

Hey it's cool. I wouldn't really call Dimitri an 'edgy' boy (That's Felix! XD) but more like an Angel who becomes broken by the later parts of the game. It breaks my heart...

It's gonna get intense in later chapters so brace yourself! XP

Yeah, I love it too. In fact, I was thinking of drawing fanart of some of my faves (Ashe and Mercedes are first to come to mind, maybe Dimitri)

I'm gonna play all routes.

Oh yeah, btw remember how I mentioned a friend picked BL, here she drew time skip Dimitri (Sorry if this is a spoiler you didn't know) Find My Way Out by defendglobe
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I see! I chose Blue Lions specifically for Dimitri LOL I had him in Heroes first and fell in love with him on accident.

...oh I mostly added edgy because I had someone tell me I was
wrong last time I called Dimitri a good boy.  I agree with you, edgy is Felix's thing LOL... knowing you agree with that makes me feel happy and validated, thank you.  Even Dimitri's voice actor has called him a good boy though.
Yes, that's exactly right, Felix is justified.  In fact that's what I told a friend of mine... but at the same time it's still mean and I hate how Dimitri doesn't even... defend himself.  Ahh.
But I still love Felix because, as you said, he's been through so much and his behavior makes sense.

And I feel like you pinned down Dimitri perfectly in that description? I HATE it when people call him feral because... Dimitri is, as you said, a fallen angel.  A character with a heart of gold whose PTSD and depression makes him seem a bit... Yeah... but truthfully all he needs is someone like you to guide him.  It breaks my heart too, honestly.
...and then the fact that he thinks you're a ghost when you see him again...
..........I am so happy you like him too.

I'd love to see you draw them!

I'm playing all the routes, too, but it's gonna kill me.

Ahhh that's a great drawing ;; I've drawn post-timeskip Dimitri too. an Eevee but I'm still a little too out of practice to attempt his canon design :p

As for my little fanfiction...
Mila is my female avatar, she's based loosely on Sasha.  Jayden, my male avatar, is her twin.
...still working on the details ^^;
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Oh. Well I came into the game 100% blind since I didn't play heroes.

Wow, everyone I know really like Dimitri.


I guess people who think of him that way probably didn't play the BL route, cause from what I read, it doesn't go well for Dimitri in the other routes...

Are a lot of people you talk to hate Dimitri?

It's funny, cause I rarely draw fanart, but you can tell when a game is so good that I just want to do it! XD

Same. I think I'm aiming for Golden deer next cause Black eagles really feels like it might be the craziest of all the paths (Especially cause it splits there.)

It looks tough, I can't blame you.

I see. Well, like the past game I don't do FE OC I just go with the canon of the main characters.

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