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But They Still Gonna

Thought I'd try a new font. How does it look?
We've all been there.

"Anime sucks."
"Your favorite so-and-so is shitty. Deal with it."

At first I respected them, but now It's just gotten sad. Sadder than that, it's still sad even if I agree with them. :|

Yes, I'm talking to you, Anti-Anime-Fans. I probably would totally agree with you, as I hate anime as well, but my best friend happens to be one of those freaks you talk about. No matter how crazy you think they are, they really aren't as bad as they seem.

Your deliver is pitiful. Learn what you're talking about. Get a life. Join a fandom.

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:B (Guess who I'm mocking. :trollface:)

Edit: By haters, I mean those who just bitch about everything and rarely post real art. Those who are ULTRA SERIOUS. :iconseriousfaceplz:
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Haters are losers that most draw poor quality and the more selfish they are, they will end up being banned from DeviantART.
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Rabid TTG haters are nothing but annoying (in my opinion).
YouDontKnowSponge's avatar
Haters are only trying to pull your plug. I block them when they go too far. I'm sick of them and why am I even in this universe if stuff I like is going to get hated. I don't belong here.
Powerpuffwitches's avatar
One does not simply,find a hater who don't whine like a 5 years old.
Megamansonic's avatar
More reasons to block these sons of bitches.
DigiTomGirl's avatar
90% of haters I've met on the Internet are rude and immature. I don't like them :X
Stickythefireband's avatar
i have 4 haters. AND THEY NEED TO STOP IT! Rage
YouDontKnowSponge's avatar
I really hate it when haters act like they want to kill you for liking something they hate.
Timelord909's avatar
All the more reason to ignore them
keesho's avatar
i swear these people on dA cant handle someone hating something they like like wtf 
its like ur saying they cant have opinions smh 

like wow get it over it lmao
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Do you have any idea how old this stamp is
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as old as ur mom
Cleverun's avatar
My mom is four years old. Holy shit
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Not all of them are pathetic in my opinions.
Sonicgirl1552000's avatar
I'm pathetic then, because I hate a lot of things.
Sweetie-Pinkie's avatar
He means by the people who do nothing but complain and bitch about how horrible something they hate.
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I could say this to the guys at the Anti-Archie Sonic Club. How pathetic, a whole group making a fuss over a comic book about Sonic the Hedgehog. Comic books are a secondary medium, they're not that big a deal compared to say a video game, a TV show or a film so the Archie Sonic haters are REALLY pathetic in that regard.
ChickenCakes's avatar
The fans can be pathetic, too.
DragoLord09's avatar
Comics, games, shows; any anti-group about Sonic is nothing but trouble!
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