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This Is Not Fog

As Isobel ran down the mountain, all she could think of was the beating her mother would give her if she came home after dark. 
She noticed that fog had gathered in the valley that shielded her home, she ran on a path that would take her past that valley and down to her village, where her mother would wait, probably very angry. 
She woke up from her day dream by the snorting of a horse, as she saw the cloaked rider on that horse she stopped and looked, frightened. 
When Isobel looked past the horseman and saw how the ridge past the valley was illuminated, all her frightened mind could muster up was. 
"This is not fog".

This is a photo manipulation or matte painting if you will from the following stock photos: 

<da:thumb id="351410955">  Lake 69 by Momotte2stocks

<da:thumb id="329776567"> Mountain 277 by Momotte2stocks

<da:thumb id="316223587"> Girls Everywhere 44 by Fallin_stock-d589roj

 <da:thumb id="126037398"> Stock Pack - Nazgul by grinmir-stock 

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Very atmospheric. Intriguing story, and the normally lonely landscape is full of menace. It's clear her village is burning, and the rider? He'd probably take her in.
The story makes me sad, but the picture is very beautiful. 
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Thank you, 

the picture is only the start of the story, you can create the rest in your mind. 
You can make it a happy story :)
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Thank you very much
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Your beautiful work is featured here :…
Thanks a lot for using my stock ! :dance: :sun:
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Thank you for providing a  superb stock photo!
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