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Sai Brushes~!

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Please download so you can read the settings~! 

So these are definitely not all of the brushes I use { I'm a brush hoarder } but these are the brushes I use the most for pretty much everything and often get asked to share; Small explanations on what I use them for below~

1. Sharp
My sharp brush is basically a brush that works like a freshly sharpened pencil. I do not use this for sketching { it's too easy to make it way too thin to see } I use it for sketchy looking line art and cross hatching effects ;w;

2. Blunt
I pair this brush and Sharp together a lot because it makes for great sketchy looking lines. Blunt is simply a brush that works like a more blunt pencil. I used to use this brush to line Kitlit adopts but not anymore

3 - 5. Watercolor brushes
All of these brushes are basically used for watercolor effects ;w; the 4th brush, Soft, is also great for rough blending. To get a full watercolor effect please read this amazing tutorial, it's what taught me how to do this and I cant take credit for it: It also includes brushes that I didn't list here because I don't really use them ;w;
  Sai watercolor tutorial + brushes, Sai file by bluekomadori

6. Lineart
I've been using this brush for a very long time; years even. It's my go to line art tool. A lot of people ask how I get such clean and sharp lines; it's because I use this brush at about size 10 on a 5000x5000 pixel canvas and then shrink the image down to 1500x1500 which makes the lines look cleaner than they already are. I also use this brush to fill things with color ;w;
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Thank you for the brushes! :3Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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LeomaFireHobbyist General Artist


how do i install the lineart tool (or all if i cant download individually)

i've been struggling to find out how to download a lineart tool for sai do you mind explaining what to do? 
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
You dont really download most brushes for SAI like you would for photoshop, instead you fiddle with the slider options { which is why this screen cap is just a bunch of sliders }

You can select different brush tips to use { the shape of the brush you're using } by selecting an option from the first drop down menu { i have simple circle selected in my first pencil option, which means my brush tip is just a default round brush tip }

You can then add different texture to your brush by selecting an option from the drop down menu under your brush tip menu { I have a paper texture selected }

If you ever have the time I very much suggest just sitting down and playing with the sliders until you sort of get used to how they work, you can create a new brush by right clicking an empty square in your tool box here and then selecting a tool option

1 by ClericCrow

Depending on what you select { water color brush, brush, pencil, marker ect } it'll give you slightly different slider options that you can play with but for the most part they're pretty similar

Again just play around with the program for a while, test stuff and have fun, SAI i think has a pretty small learning curve so it shouldnt take as long to learn as say photoshop
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MystieArtsHobbyist General Artist

i cannot thank you enough for this! i am working on a full illustrated piece which i must get right, and this lineart settings made this piece complete!!!!!

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YandereFan442Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi ! May I ask at 6, you used the brush tool or the pen tool ? I've tried both of them but the lineart it's still the same and pixelated and I checked a few times to see if I put the corect settings on the tools qwq
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Pencil, are you drawing on a small canvas? when I used this brush I used it on cavases that were 5000x5000 pixels and then i'd reduce the size of the image down when I was done with the piece
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YandereFan442Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used it on a 1920x1080 canvas ^^; my bad
Thanks for the reply !
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AussieGreen09Hobbyist Digital Artist
The lineart one is so soft!! Thank you for these!
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sectumsxmpraHobbyist Digital Artist
I have stolen your lineart settings and now my life is complete.
Would you like me to tag you in the piece I create with it?
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
you totally don't have to but can if you would like ;w;
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sectumsxmpraHobbyist Digital Artist
honestly, i'd love to show you (if it turns out nice enough), i'll tag ya
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Coffee-Fueled-OtterHobbyist General Artist
These are awesome, I do have a quick question though. Do you have the textures that you use for download? I am looking at #3, and the texture is "leaves". I'm wanting it to actually look like it. :) 
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Are you sure you're opening the right tab to apply the leaves? leaves is the elemap and not the texture, if you still can't find it I think I downloaded it from one of ToadsDontExist 's packs but I'm really not sure, it could have come with my version of sai, I've had it for so long that I honestly don't remember :c sorry if this was of no help
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EquarixxHobbyist Digital Artist
i found it SAI Brushes
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EggmilypngProfessional Digital Artist
I was just looking through all your amazing work thinking: Oh my! Such amazing work, that flow! That color! That inking! I wonder what their brush settings are? I should ask-

And you posted them already
and I love them,
and thank you so much. I'm always on the lookout for good brushes!
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
aaAAAA you're welcome my friend <3 I hope you enjoy using them
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Painted-PandaHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome <3
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Painted-PandaHobbyist Digital Artist
These are beautiful <33
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Hey, some of the settings are missing for me. Like branches. Is there a way to get around this?
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
I didnt have like half of the settings for sai when I first got it, I had to manually download them :c sadly I don't remember from where; I just remember I really wanted the "flat brush" but i didnt have it so i looked around the internet for it. Sorry I can't be of more help 
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What exactly should I be searching for? Thanks by the way
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MaryStarlightHobbyist Digital Artist
Please help 
Wich tools i can use as a base for all these settings?
And why ever i search for a brush they show only this settings,
And nothing about tool bases or put a personalized base (with any random name) and don't give a download for exemple?
How this work?
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ClericCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
First I must ask if you're using Paint tool sai, because almost all brushes for Sai do not require a download, instead you input these settings into a new brush

From left to right

Sharp - Brush tool
Blunt - Brush tool
Water color brushes - except for the first one which is a normal brush, these are water color brushes
Lineart - Pencil tool 

Do you mean when you search for settings you only get results with all of these sliders? thats normal for Sai again because it's how you make brushes

I can't fully explain how sai works so if you have it you may want to look up brush making tutorials ;o; 
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