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lne Vs for win7

Visual style for win7.

Support x86 & x64

Wall Velvet. by ~FairyLady19007 (mod) [link]

Icon by neodesktop [link]

:iconneiio: for base theme [link]
:iconmangosango: for capption [link]

.. I hope you like...
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nice theme, I tried it with my windows 8.1, was cool but the patcher gave me many problems so I decided to go back to the original windows theme :/ ..By the way, Where can I get the photo of the girl that is in the frame of your preview image? :)
aloneP's avatar
làm sao để thanh taskbar là thanh gỗ vậy a?
joshhuynh98's avatar
cái đó là theme đó bạn :'( mà deviantart là site nước ngoài thì bạn dùng tiếng Anh may ra có người trả lời :'(
cajuuh's avatar
bug in the new folder buttons
aikya-halder's avatar
Really awesome!!!
NoNameHuman's avatar
Please port it for windows 8 :)
NoNameHuman's avatar
Thanks a lot dude  :D
vishal96's avatar
most beautiful theme ever
mortarboyz's avatar
good themes, like it !
Jon-Foo1995's avatar
hello, there.. Im new here... i made this account just to say thank you for this great theme... i installed this theme on my sis's laptop n it looked great... i have no words i just lovee your work... it just suits best with the wallpaper u provided... once again thank you for this great looking theme.... :)
Jon-Foo1995's avatar
hello, there.. im new to devianart.. n i made this account just to say u thank you for this great theme.. i installed this theme on my sis's laptop n it looked great.. and the wallpaper is just awesome... i have no words... i just love your work.. once again thank you very much for this sweet theme. :)
xnox1becoi1's avatar
sao nó ko giống theme của bác nhỉ :-?

xnox1becoi1's avatar
Bác có thể làm cái taskbar nó nhỏ lại được ko, mình chắc nhiều người cũng muốn thế.
Màn hình nhà em có 17" mà cái taskbar nó chiếm hết ko gian rồi :(
xnox1becoi1's avatar
Can u make another version with small taskbar :(
Conercao's avatar
any chance of a small taskbar version? Otherwise it's a great style
ispano's avatar
What a wonderful setup!
dafmat71's avatar
Nice theme, but i think that you must do a "no toolbar" substyle!! ;)
nrwsps's avatar
Very Cool, Thanks.
howdid's avatar
wow this looks awesome :D i have zero knowledge about windows theming could you tell me how to setup my windows like this?
Jon-Foo1995's avatar
i dont believe... its super easy. :)
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