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Windows10 Theme For Windows 8.1(Update)


visual Style for Windows 8/8.1
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.
- You Need Install Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8 and 8.1 Download.
- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".
- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

I hope you like!

Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7by cu88
© 2014 - 2022 Cleodesktop
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windows 7 To Bro ?
smack1289's avatar
awesome theme - just a note, include a space between windows & 10 coz it does not return this if people search for Windows 10 theme (alternatively tag it) - cheers mate, keep up the good work!
TjsWorld2011's avatar
I would like this.
Crisp723's avatar
Any update? Modification? ... 
SoNiC4000's avatar
What is that strong shadow around windows? Does windows 10 have that, because it doesn't seem so D:
sollembum78's avatar
Shit with ads - dislike
MaxHorse's avatar
I applied but nothing happened
Angie-NeoTokyo's avatar
I like it a lot! :)
Rock0's avatar
Theme looks cool, but why do you make it so darn difficult for people to download it? It makes zero sense whatsoever.
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The theme is only a slightly modded version of the default Aero theme (they just added a more drastic drop shadow from windows 10). So it makes even less sense to make people jump through so many hoops just to download this. Only reason behind this is to monetize it through advertisement.
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AdBlock Plus FTW :P
Rock0's avatar
Exactly. So it begs the question, is dA the place for it?
download link gives me a lot of spam and crap and no file.
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explorer Windows problems
Cleodesktop's avatar
Crisp723's avatar
Nice, but the explorer window has some glitches and the borders are also weird :) if you repair it, it will rock :)
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please windows 7 version
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"404 not found"

you know the rules, and so do i, say goodbye

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