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Vs HoaBinh By cu88, tunv

Vs HoaBinh(Peace)-By cu88 & tunv [link]

thanks to all member
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cho e xin quả Wall cho đủ bộ nào :D
ekk, sao toàn VN post theme tự sướng thế nài
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Tự sướng cái gì, người ta share theme đó chứ khoe mẽ gì ở đây mà bảo tự sướng .
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Hay đấy anh cu88.
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So interesting
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fuck U!
poor little country and poor little thing!
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Đồ khốn nạn biến đi con chó .
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you foolish should be Shut up!
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And China you is poor big country with dirty ethics.
Though it is a pathetic country, please don't publish its view publicly.
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Hey why are you so aggressive? This is for personal use, don't bring your blind political view here bastard. Ridiculous! Shame on you random citizen of a "big" country, or should I say, "bully" ?!?! ... Nationalism makes you total blind, poor "made in C***a" guy ...
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chill my son ! Take it for ur mother and please tells her I really disappointed about my son :nana: :rofl:
better than "Made in China"
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I like the titlebar border and button. the bad is taskbar turning blue at clock. at the start menu with vietnam.. i dont know what you means but, if its about conflict between chinese n your country, you should remove this or modified this with more clean, no conflict. i like this visual styles and gonna stick with it if you change couple of thing that i mention, im sure everybody like it too..
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Is there any problem if a flag appears on the button?!?! What if I make it "US" when I love to stay in New York, and turn it to "France" when I love to stay in Paris?!?! You love something then you want to make it visible every where, that's simple!
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thank you! Vs just bring theme viet nam, not mean anything
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The colors are great, but I dislike the fact that the font has been reduced from size 9 to 8, the arrows became stars (WTF?) and the pinned programs in the Start Menu have nothing but icons, which looks extremely ugly.
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very soothing colors, will definitely try it out!
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i really like the overall feeling, especially the explorer frame and window control buttons. But the start window is a bit too much for me, and it glitches with my taskbar. but overall nicely done!
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wow is cool very cool thank u
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a 100% zoomed preview would be nicer :/
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