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Vela vs mod for win7

- This is just a recolored version of Veins, Vela vs is a combination of veins and tequilla
- update ... fix the taskbar icons to the center side in the basic version of the style, the taskbar icons to the left (default)
- update new star orb
- Thanks kat for share ! [link]
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its very cool!!!!! like awsome job :D
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This is really awesome looking!!
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^^ last requirement :D
Can you tell me how to change this background color to and text color default ??? :D Thank so lot!
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[link] There have another problem. Plz, fix it!!! or tell me how to fix it? thanks
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[link] there have another problem, plz fix it!!!
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my yahoo: lampv01203
if u have free time, plz teach me how to solve it!
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Sr!! why is my personalization background image still original background??? and I cannot use the aero version (it will be change to windows basic themes)
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The most beautiful mac os theme,thank you for sharing.
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share background image to the personalization window di cu :D
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Greatjob you did whit this one thanks
Thank you so much for making a basic version dude, wish more people would to this with themes. :D
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Nice work! Is there any way to align the taskbar icons to the left side in the basic version of the style? They're now centered, I want them on the left as default.
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have fixed, you download again
Phóng to lên thấy cô người mẫu Việt! Lạ lạ, nhìn lại thì ra hàng Việt thật :D
Đẹp lắm :P
Bạn có thể mod cái theme Ambient ko? Mình thấy cái đó rất đẹp :D
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việt 100% theme Ambient ? theme nào nhỉ ? nó ở đâu ?
Chính xác là Port nó sang W7 :D
Đây nè: [link]
Với cả cái Office 2010 basic nữa, gọn gàn :D
(Nếu chuyển được thành Windows theme thì tuyệt quá :D)
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uhm, có thời gian mình sẽ làm
Hi vọng là sớm được sử dụng theme của bạn :D
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can u pls share the icons?? folder?
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