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Ubuntu Theme Windows 10 Technical Preview


Visual Style for Windows 10 Technical Preview
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- Download and install UxStyle Preview: For Windows codenamed “Threshold” ( >
- You Need Install Ribbon Disabler for Windows 10 Download.
- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".
- Open personalize panel and apply theme.
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I used to get uxpatcher to work for a short period but then on the windows 10 fall release it stopped working.
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This is at the top of the download page for this theme...."Absolutely do not use theme of windows 10 RTM (10240) for Windows 10 November Update (10586) and opposite."
What does that mean?  Anyone who has a new computer with windows 10 is probably running build 10586.
So, basically, these windows themes will not work on windows 10 computers?
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Does this work on windows 10 (not technical preview, windows 10 professional)?
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I love the theme! It looks great! But I have one question. How do you change the look of the taskbar as well? I installed this theme and it didnt change the taskbar.
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When you finish it you have 1 customer for sure ;)
Will it work on windows 8.1?
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This is finally allowed to look good without the left/right/bottom borders! :)
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yeah...!!! like it.
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Nice work is putting it mildly....Wow! Great job, man!
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hmm. i get a "Uh oh" error when i  try to install uxstyle preview, don't know what to do, install win10 again?
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oh ... now install wwindows 10 agian and install uxstyle even when complete install windows 10.
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yeah make an clean install.
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worth it to install again, now it's fine, thank you :D
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