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Numix-Light Theme For Windows 7


Numix Theme For Windows 7

Have 4 version:
  • Numix-Light 1 (Taskbar Dark)
  • Numix-Light 2 (Taskbar Light)
  • Numix-Light Round1 (Taskbar Dark)
  • Numix-Light Round2 (Taskbar Light)
Visual Style for Windows 7
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.
- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".
- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

Idea Credit From Numix Light - GTK3 themeby satya164

I hope you like !

Numix  Dark Theme  For Windows 7

Numix Theme  For Windows 8.1

Numix -Light Theme  For Windows 8.1

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Theme is great! I agree with everyone else though; the download method is atrocious!
Another note is The Visual Style doesn't seem to work 100% as the borders around windows are glitchy and white
I am a dummy! 
Enkari's avatar
 which you can see in this screenshot here http:// puu .sh /eJbnD /2335302534 .png
The theme would be just great. If it was not so very disrespectful to load Devianters with tons of crap when trying to download. Be human, you may have whatever in your private corner, but do remove this nightmare from Deviant.
TheWWitcher's avatar
The theme is great... the way to download it? INSULTING!!! Crash 
MichaelPuschinski's avatar
looks nice!, it would be nice if the download from your site would be optional tho
SacredTbag's avatar
Looks interesting, but I won't download from an external source.  DA has an upload option for a reason.  
artificial-anfa's avatar
Love the theme, but could you use a less shady site to host your files? Their captcha wouldn't work several times.
Victhor's avatar
Nice. Luckily my internet is slow enough to let me grab the downlad link before the "disable ad blocker" banner (mistakenly) appears... :: laugh/cry ::
Gringo75's avatar
if you have firefox, i suggest you to use this add-on, it's only 9.3 kB, and remove all those annoying messages when you visit websites. it's a good protection for the indispensable adblock.…
Victhor's avatar
Thanks for the advice!!
Gringo75's avatar
oh, nothing Wink/Razz 
burnsplayguitar's avatar
ryan1mcq's avatar
great looking theme dude :clap:
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