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Maverick Theme for win 8-8.1 Update


Port To Windows 8/8.1
Update Have 2 Version:
* Maverick No Border
* Maverick With Border

Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

You need to copy theme in C:WindowsResourcesThemes

For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

Use Winaero to Disable border windows Link

 Black if u want to use details pane install for:
windows 8 Link.
windows 8.1 Link

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Mai I have the link please? There's no  link for the free version on CleoDesk for Ubuntu theme
Can i have the link, please? :)
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It didnt work :C
Can I have the link
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Thank you so much. <3333333333333
Where can i get this? none of the download links work!
Waw, I really like Ubuntu look, but not the OS :D, and now it is on my Win 8.1, thank you!
But there is two issues with it, I will be thankful if you can fix them:

1) I'm using a vertical task bar, not the usual horizontal one, and it seems that u missed to theme it! so when it is horizontal everything is ok, but once you make it vertical, the task bar loses it theme and uses the default win look for it!
2) Second one, the "Pin this..." and "Close window" icons in the jump list of task buttons appear to be very big, not usual 16x16 pix, and this happens whatever the location of the task bar.

Thank you in advance for fixing!
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For Windows 7 please? :-)
Bad theme, blurry icons, horrible many adverts before download and yeah, the title background isnt fixed for win8.1 like it is for the good themes.
Id really love to get a working theme, yours isnt there yet:/
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Nice theme, but where can I download the bottom dock?
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very nice theme
thanks for the sharing :)
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isn't possible to remove the small black border like here ! :

theme name : Vanilla 

I talk about "No Border"...cause i simply hate using that 3rd party aero :( 
I like the theme, but I see a few bugs.
For example in the TotalCommander (in Firefox as well) the menu looks unreadable, unlike in the explorer.
Also the path to the directory can be seen when the panel is inactive, but it is not visible when the panel is active.
Correct if possible.
Sorry for my english and thanks in advance.
nice work! Any idea why it is messing up my start8 menu?

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you need to use start is back
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The Unity Bar comes with it? How does that work??
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