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Install UXThemePatcher Windows10 (10586.494)

Install UXThemePatcher For Windows 10 November Update (10586.494)

While waiting for UltraUXThemePatcher better for Windows 10 1511 (build 10586.494)

I temporarily find a way Install UXTheme Patcher For Windows 10 November Update (10586.494)

Warning: Absolutely do not use theme of windows 10240 RTM for Windows 10 November Update (10586)

:  [Link]
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very cool i like your style

patcher for 20H2?

will this work on 1909 ?

Hey, after installing this, i cant use designs, if i want to open design by settings. it close it
pls help me
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You use patcher wrong version. This is only for windows 10 10586 
ah ok. thank you
Hi there, will this work on 1803?

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Este vale para mi viejo Windows 10 Pro 32Bit v1511 (Build 10586.1176)? y si no vale,  cual debería instalar ya que no me cargan los temas o mejor dicho el estilo del tema... GRACIAS

PDT.Se que debería actualizar y subir al menos de build pero no tengo espacio y parece que va para rato hasta que logre un hd nuevo.

Ops! I'm sorry my english is poor.

Is this valid for my old Windows 10 Pro 32Bit v1511 (Build 10586.1176)? and if it is not, what should I install since they do not load the themes or rather the style of the theme... THANK YOU

PDT. I know that I should update and upload at least build but I do not have space and it seems that it will be for a while until I get a new hd.

thank you brother.
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Nice Work!
But Ux Theme Patcher is apparently a virus according to me antivirus software.
This has caused Windows Breakdown for me.
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UxthemePatcher will change file system so some anti virus give warning but it safe. 

I also scan it by bitdefender total security 2017, kaspersky internet security 2017, norton internet security 2017. It is safe. No waring.
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Must have changed because it was showing virus on Norton.
I tried to download but it says:
Error (429)This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads. Learn about traffic limits.
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Antivirus rating has changed  - no longer a virus. :)
However Theme Signature Bypass is AeroGlass isn't it?

Take Care!
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No. It is dll file support change theme for win10 anniversary update 1607.
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if anyone needs to know - here's the procedure I found worked for me:

- Boot into Safe Mode (which can be a PITA with Windows 10!) 
- Use "Safe Mode with Low Resolution Video" (IMPORTANT)
- once booted uninstall UxStyle and reset theme to stock Windows 10
- erase theme files of theme that caused the crash
- if you used UXThemePatcher see below - you will need to run a DISM command here...
- restart and all should be well

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you've used UXThemePatcher you should run the DSIM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management) tool... This will restore and/or replace any damaged or altered .dll's
In order to do this, run in an Admin Command Prompt: 
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Here is the article that describes this command and what it does:…

Good luck.
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