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Flattastic Theme For Windows 10 RTM

Flattastic Theme For Windows 10 RTM 


"Please pay for Donate if you like theme"

Donate Version (No ads, No Pop-up)
 - Have 2 Theme:
   + Flattastic Theme Windows 10 RTM (4 Color Version) - Preview [link]
   + FlattasDark Theme Windows 10 RTM (4 Color Version) - Preview [link]

:  [Link]


isual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- You Need Personalization Panel for Windows 10 [link]

- You Need Install Ribbon + Title + Icon Remover for Win10 Explorer [link]

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

I hope you like !

Police Warning!!!

I do not allow to modify my theme. If you want please asking my permission. 

Yosemite Black Full Version Theme Windows 10 RTM
Numix Theme For Theme Windows 10 RTM
Photoshop CC Dark Theme For Theme Windows 10 RTM
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thank you so much for this, I hate that default metro theme so much, your stuff I love!!

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Do something for fun buddy

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l Ribbon + Title + Icon Remover for Win10 Explorer i uninstalled it after i found that it also removes window names on the taskbar popups. when uninstallation finished, i got a black screen, and the explorer.exe just doesn’t load! neither reboot nor ctrl+r helps! i can’t even refresh my system, i don’t know whether that has something to do with the newly win10 installation.
so what can i do? you say it backups the explorerframe.dll, so does it mean everything will go back to normal once i got a good explorerframe.dll copy and replace the broken/missing one?
if so, what’s the directory?
Themes from cu88 are highly suspect. It wouldn't surprise me to find out they were stolen from other artists. 
Oh, I see. These themes have been ported from Gnome themes. Regardless, the ad loops and redirects make these themes very off-putting. 
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At least use a better advertising site. Whatever site you use, there are so many click me buttons or ads that it's hard to find the correct link. My computer almost got infected with spyware. Sorry, but I do not support this.

It would have been nicer if you ONLY provided the Gumroad link and asked to be paid for your work, than to provide an additional free version laden with viruses.

Also, for the download version on deviantArt, you can just give people a jpeg. No need to provide a rar to trick people and then redirect them to the ad infested website. Just be honest and say, "Please pay for my themes if you want to use them."
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Thanks! My website is safe. Just link download via link ads so it is quite annoying because some pop-up ads, you can block ads pop-up by adblock but please disable only for my website.
Bullcrap. If you use adblocker the site will force you to disable it.
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I see. I was using the new Windows Edge which did not have ad blocker, so I clicked everywhere, and some of the ads led to some bad places. I retried it with Firefox and it seems to have worked. Thanks.

I would definitely encourage you to promote the Gumroad links more. You do good work porting these themes over from every generation of windows so if you ask for donations, I think more people would be open to that.
Still love this theme, thanks for porting ;-)
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