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FlattasDark Theme For Windows 10 RTM

FlattasDark Theme For Windows 10 RTM 


"Please pay for Donate if you like theme"

Donate Version (No ads, No Pop-up)
 - Have 2 Theme:
   + Flattastic Theme Windows 10 RTM (4 Color Version) - Preview [link]
   + FlattasDark Theme Windows 10 RTM (4 Color Version) - Preview [link]

:  [Link]


isual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- You Need Personalization Panel for Windows 10 [link]

- You Need Install Ribbon + Title + Icon Remover for Win10 Explorer [link]

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

I hope you like !

Police Warning!!!

I do not allow to modify my theme. If you want please asking my permission.   

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© 2015 - 2021 Cleodesktop
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i dont know how to try it 
i need some help ,please 
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This theme used to work fine on my laptop but since Windows 10 latest updated, I cannot apply this theme or any other themes anymore. Please help me with this one!
thats a great theme for win 10 with flat UI ....  i love it
but i have a problem with border of my windows ....  how can i fix it ? help me plz…
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try mouse right on computer select properties then click to Advanced system setting / on box "Performance" click "Setting" check to "Let windows choose what's best for my computer"
thats it...  thank u very much <3
Great looking theme! I cannot use it unfortunately, I have DPI scaling set to 125% and this happens

Do you think you could fix this for DPI scaled systems? :)
Bạn ơi, mình đang dùng cái theme dark pink. Nhưng mà mới update firefox 40 thì mấy cái nút nó không chịu thay đổi màu như này >>

 Firefox 39 thì bình thường, nếu có thời gian thì bạn check lại nhé
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cái này do FF ko phải do theme, bạn làm theo hướng dẫn ở đây nha…
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Great theme!
I bought the donate version.
Can you please remove this ugly background behind the text? (It's in every window title not just IDM)
It'd look a lot better if it was just white text without that blue background.
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Thank you!
can not remove 100%  a background color behind the title(active, or inactive title) just custom color like color background caption bar
like pic…
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for some reason navigation buttons not work for me...…
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beacase use OldNewExplorer, uninstall OldNewExplorer then install OldNewExplorer again but uncheck "Use alternate navigation button style"
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OK. it's not a huge problem anyway
Why call it dark when the explorer is obviously white ?
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Because, obviously, the title bars of the windows are dark.
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still not a "dark" theme until the rest of the OS is dark, which seemingly no one has managed yet... or was too lazy to actually try.
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