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Exo Theme For Windows 7


Visual Style for Windows 7
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.
- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".
- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

Includes versions;
+ Exo Normal
+ Exo Minimal
+ Exo Big Taskbar
+ Exo Minimal Big Taskbar.

Icon Folder link

Credit: Exo [SSC14] - EXO LS by Danlosant

Wallmodby memovaslg
Thanks To :icondanlosant:

I hope you like!
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Nice! It looks very good...>>>
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because i downloaded exo on feb 28 and i've just tried yesterday and having problem with taskbar

just in corner of clock and show desktop (red/pink color)

i don't know if cu88 has updated or re uploaded
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anyone having error with taskbar??
please tell me
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internet explorer 11 hides it's main toolbar with this theme.
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I've made some sort of a tribute to this deviation on one Color theme of my cPro2 Styler Skin, so it blends nicely when using both together, on this blog you can see the outcome, hope you like it!
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And i got a problem: My Start Orb won't change, even after starting PC new
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Theme looks good. But i would like to unhide the bar where i can change the List / Detail etc. Somebody knows how to do that?

And you posted the Folders Icons, good. But where are the rest Icons that you have?
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You money making machine man, haha. Nice theme though.
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Nice! It looks very good.
I mean this menu (highlighted it with red):…
Hi. In the explorer and my user files (like pictures) the auto hide menu is unusable and the window stops responding when trying to use it. Could you make a version without this auto hide feature? Would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for a great theme :)
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Who are you ? The Advertising Supermaster ? Can´t believe what an damned shit you can find in the net, I hate those damend sites, if you are so greedy for money-just tell us how much you want for your Themes-so everybody can make his own decision, but this fucking crap sites-Ican´t believe it. Deviantart is an A R T site. Think you have forgotten this !
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agreed. i clicked through 3 different sites to get to one of the mirrors, which i actually didn't mind. however, once i got to a download link, it never loaded. waiting.... loading.... guess i'll have to pass on this one.
clarkkentSS's avatar
Thank´s man, I already thought  there is nobody else who hates to bee threaten like this !
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not something is free on DA. Have many product I forced buy by point (I have to buy points with money....). so you call  what is it?
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just went the longest way ever to download a theme, but nice theme though
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10 seconds is  longest.
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This is a nice theme, but how do you hide the taskbar icons like you did in the screenshot?
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Thanks! use this tool for remove icon taskbar
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