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Cisl v1 Update theme for Windows 8/8.1


Update fixed error, add 1 version show title button

+ Cisl v1 Visual Style for Windows 8/8.1

+ Cisl v1 theme for Windows 8/8.1

+ Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

How to install

- use start is back for start menu , get it here

- I use Objectiv'D soft to remove icon taskbar , u can download from here…
- First u need to install ultra ux theme patcher for windows8

- First u need to install ultra ux theme patcher for windows8.1

- then u need to disable ribbon disabler u can download it from here

- copy & past both thm file from theme folder to c:windowsresoursesthemes

- use start orb from start orb folder

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Very Nice! How can i put the time in the task bar like that? Thanks!
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Found bug: Regedit Screen = All Black, Winrar Exrtract Screen = All Black
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Cool theme, not so cool all the ads to download the theme.
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I love this theme so much, but is there any way to change the black/dark grey background colors like the one for the start menu? I ask because its currently doing this to some of my windows:
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Mong chờ 1 bản Taskbar Mỏng hơn từ bạn. Perfect!
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like pages facbe and g+ 1 blog mình sau đó reply comments tại đây mình sẽ edit lại taskbar cho riêng bạn.
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Looks nice, except the Apple logo. That's out of place.
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wery nice pls win7...
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Thank You! for win7 coming soon...
Cruzzwo's avatar
 Always Waiting :)
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Also there is a one more thing... word, excel and other apps take color of pages from the theme, so this theme makes the pages in MS Word and Excel dark grey...
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Thank You. I have Fixed. pls download agian.
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Great work, really awesome... could you please make version of this with caption buttons always visible and the the most important, could you highlight the open apps on the taskbar? Thank you so much :)
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Really nice work but taskbar in dual monitor setup is kinda broken...
If you want a screenshot i will upload one..
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pls upload screenshot for me. Then I will fix.
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Very nice and minimal, however the start menu needs to be fixed!
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Thanks. where has error in start menu?
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Thanks mate for share.
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Hollly S**T this is look amazing l♥ve it Pikachu want it 
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Looks nice but start menu need to fix ? ;)
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Thanks mate! but start menu is error? pls talk for me where has error to the fix.
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