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Visual style for win7.

Support x86 & x64

:iconneiio: :icondijaysazon:
.. I hope you like...
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Do you have any instructions on how to install this theme? =)
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how to install dis theme in windows 7.........???????
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How do i fix this [link] plz and can you help me with how to get the dock like yours its quality
It horrible bro, in the picture is awsome, but, WHH.
It stays to thick the taskbar, like 2x the size int the picture, and the space bettewen the start menu and the taskbar
is also 2x bigger.
It might be because of the explorer frame, i can't run it.
Let me know you if that is the problem.
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Phối màu đẹp quá anh già, tiếc là cái vs nào của a e xài ko dc lâu vì khó thao tác nhanh dc :nana:
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For those wondering the dock at the bottom looks like a rainmeter theme.
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cu88 - "at first view, i thought this was a windowblinds theme ... smiles ... - as alway's, your work is alway's first rate quality - great color choices in addition to clean details - well done friend !!"
This looks fucking horrible.
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What is that dock thingy? It's fucking awesome!
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design tuyệt quá nhưng màu xanh này không thichs bằng mấy màu đỏ, cam hồi trước anh hay dùng.

Share em đống skin ở dưới nha: Dock, icon, email... chắc toàn Rainmeter skin đúng không anh?
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great job :D, two questions:

1) What is the difference with this [link] ?

2) What dock are you using in the screenshot (at the bottom)?
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Great one, but i want the bottom dock..pls, pls,pls!!!
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that's a very interesting vs, it's very unique
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Whats your dock set-up (All) Mail,Icons,Trash And dock Background
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