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After Dark Cyan Theme Windows10 November Update

After Dark Cyan Theme For Windows10 November Update (10586)

Have 8 Versions + iPack Icon:

[ 4 Version Hide CommanBar + 4 Version Show CommanBar ]


After Dark Cyan 1 (Min/Max/Close Round)

After Dark Cyan 2 (Min/Max/Close Squared)

After Dark Cyan 3 (Min/Max/Close Default)

After Dark Cyan 4 (Adressbar Cyan, Search Cyan)


After Dark Cyan iPack Icon


:  [Link]

(no link via ads, no pop-up)

isual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- Please read file "How To Install Theme - Read Me.txt"

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

If you have installed Patcher UXTheme still not change the theme then corrective like this :  [Link]
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With Excel 2016 : WTF ?
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Hello. I bought the theme. Is it normal that there are still white spots? Pictures:……
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Fix: You Need Install OldNewExplorer (Setting Install like picture "OldNewExplorer Setting") - Link
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That is the problem. I have the settings so made as in the picture. Unfortunately, there are still these white spots.


Okay, I have installed it again and now everything works.
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Ok. Thank you so much for buy theme!
RayAlpha2016's avatar
Unfortunately, there is a problem with OpenOffice:…

You can almost not recognize the font. Is there a solution?
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Great theme but how do I add the command bar? I need it
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Buy theme for full version Have 8 Versions + iPack Icon:[ 4 Version Hide CommanBar + 4 Version Show CommanBar ]
did you just updated??
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it is new theme, new icon
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Nice theme Clap I am a dummy! La la la la 
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neiio's avatar
I would remove that wallpaper of Jared's from your themes folder...
I don't think j3concepts would appreciate you distributing his art mate.  In fact I'm positive!
Especially if you are using it for commercial purposes as well.

Get the Original here folks...
Per-castra-ad-astra-(the-transducer) by j3concepts
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Your mean is I have to remove wallpaper on my theme or I just write credit
I don't know this wallpaper of  j3concepts. I found it on internet not DA
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I mean remove it, unless you have consent from Jared himself you can't just include it.
Cleodesktop's avatar
ok. I have remove it
neiio's avatar
Thanks mate.  Good job!
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