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After Dark CC Theme For Win10 Anniversary Update

After Dark CC Theme Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607

Support DPI 125%, 150%, 175% Scaling
Have 8 Version + iPack Icon:
[ 4 Version  Hide CommandBar + 4 Version Show CommandBar ]

+ After Dark CC
+ After Dark CC v2 ( no line black)
+ After Dark CC Blue
+ After Dark CC v2 Blue ( no line black)
+ Gray v3 iPack Icon


:  [Link]

(no link via ads, no pop-up)

Visual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- Please read file "How To Install Theme - Read Me.txt"

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

If you have installed Patcher UXTheme still not change the theme then corrective like this :  [Link]
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I get this problem, and it's a really big problem... My application colours are stuffed up.


NORMAL WINDOWS THEME: (How it should look)… 
And before you ask... I did pay for the premium version, and I've run all the patched and everything. The rest of my Windows looks fine, I have no white spots, it's just in the applications that have white in them already! Most of my apps look like this, and I am so annoyed. Pleaes help.
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Cleodesktop, i bought this theme on website, looks greats but why you put this ads "" in Premium theme? Pls give me version without this ad
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I have send for version without Just check your email.
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Hello Guys,

  I am currently using this theme now After Dark CC on my Win 10 Anniv Update and works perfectly for me. I just have some issues about on some areas on the windows explorer, some of them were not turned to dark, they are still light (white) and the text where gray which doesnt look appropraite. Is it possible to edit the theme of this make this completely dark as it should? I am currently using Dell XPS 13 laptop.……
Cleodesktop's avatar… - You Need Install OldNewExplorer (Setting Install like picture "OldNewExplorer Setting") - Link… - In file download go to "Extras\Fix bug Control Panel White Change to Dark Theme For Win10 Version 1607" then do it with guide in file "How To Install - Read Me.txt" (Just in premium version)
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Hi Cleodesktop,

   Where can I find that setting then for the Control Panel? is it free? Can u give me a detailed instruction please. I am just new in this forum. Thnks.
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It just have in premium version here:  [Link]
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what is the difference between the free version and the premium version then?
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Free only 1 Version, no iPack icon. Premium have 8 Version + iPack Icon
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Hey Cleodesktop,

  Any idea why after i followed your instructions in installing third party themes (General instructions), it worked fine at all. But my problem is every time i start up my computer from a dead shutdown (been off for few hours or days), when i get to the Windows login screen it keeps on repeating. I just cant at all. But when i restart it i can finally log it in. Looks like it has something to do with the 3rd party theme application because when im not using 3rd party themes at all, my computers starts like normal, no problems with the windows login or completely black screen. Please let me know if you have any idea. Thank you very much.

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You use wrong version theme. What your windows 10 version?

Absolutely do not use theme of win10 RTM (10240) for Win10 November Update (10586) for Win10 Anniversary Update 1607 and vice-versa
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Can you provide a link to your mediafire download link that is not shortened? I have security concerns with url shorteners 
is it possible to disable dark theme for MS excel separate sheet (blank workbook) or Ms word blank (new) page?
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Yes. In the premium version have Version Theme Win10 Anniversary Update Fix Background White For Office. You can buy theme for get it and also for support. Thank you!
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Looks fantastic. When you actually update the link for the free version I will try it and if I like it I will purchase ! Let us know when you update the link.
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I have updated link free... and I hope you can buy theme for support. Thank you!
Bought the pack for the Anniversary Update, absolutely gorgeous.

Is there anything that can be done about Chrome in Windows 10? The dark packs all look like shit cause they fuck with the Win10 flat style and make it look like the Win8 version of chrome, not to mention disgusting white outlines around the elements.  

Can you hack on Chrome resources to make it fit in with After Dark?
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I use this theme:…
It's not perfect, but it's okay...
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Thanks for the black theme was searching high and low (refreshing your page constantly ). Cannot wait for the dark cyan version to come out.  Barely bought it to support you in the endeavor of the ever changing windows 10 :).
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I have updated dark cyan for Anniversary Update... After Dark Cyan,Green For Win10 Anniversary Update

And I hope you can buy theme for support. Thank you!
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