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After Dark Blue and Red Theme For Windows 10


2 in 1

Only For Windows10 November Update (10586)

Have 16 Versions + 2 iPack Icon:

[ 8 Version After Dark Blue + 8 Version After Dark Red ]
After Dark Blue
[ 4 Version Hide CommanBar + 4 Version Show CommanBar ]

After Dark Blue 1 (Min/Max/Close Round)
After Dark Blue 2 (Min/Max/Close Squared)
After Dark Blue 3 (Min/Max/Close Default)
After Dark Blue 4 (Adressbar Blue, Search Blue)
After Dark Blue iPack Icon
After Dark Red
[ 4 Version Hide CommanBar + 4 Version Show CommanBar ]

After Dark Red 1 (Min/Max/Close Round)
After Dark Red 2 (Min/Max/Close Squared)
After Dark Red 3 (Min/Max/Close Default)
After Dark Red 4 (Adressbar Red, Search Red)
After Dark Red iPack Icon


:  [Link]

(no link via ads, no pop-up)

isual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- Please read file "How To Install Theme - Read Me.txt"

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

If you have installed Patcher UXTheme still not change the theme then corrective like this :  [Link]
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Awesome theme but you need some update
input show black and bad contrast | default better
Scrollbar for chat box on facebook | default better

some software like cpu-z see how it look
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Cpu-z have skin text color individual, can't change it by windows theme.

Try use other style cpu-z, example: cpu-z msi, cpu-z gigabyte, cpu-z asus rog...
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! By following the links in the description and downloaded the patcher I got the following adware, UCbrowser, Yondoo, default search, jkii and tons of other bullshit adware programs. Managed to sucsesfully remove them using adware cleaner, JRT, malwarebytes, take ownership. Shitty creator with shady links. I followed the free download link btw. asshole
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if you download free, you have get only 1 version and have pop-up from link download, just close pop-up - do not click any thing

if you buy theme, you have get full theme + ipack via direct link no ads,no pop-up
hey m8 this themes works on win 10 pro 64bit? or is just for a technical preview? thanks anyway <3 is beautyful this 
nvm thanks ill download this theme <3
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Yes. it's work on win 10 pro x64
ohh thanks a lot <3 downloading
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Thanks! Please buy theme for support
I really need this theme for windows 8.1, could you please make one?  this, and ubuntu squared, im saving my money until you make them kkkkkk
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May be but not soon...
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Hey man, your themes are absolutely beautiful; I really like the dark minimal feel to things, you have a great style.

I've been using the vanilla theme since release and have finally become bored of it, so I think one of yours is going to become my new interface. I was just wondering though, if there was any chance of a purple option? I'd love to have Wisi Dark with a few more colour options, too. I think it would look really nifty with a purple flash.

Thanks so much for putting all of these great themes out there, dude.
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After Dark purple soon...  Wisi Dark with a few more colour options - I will do it
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nice themes La la la la :happybounce: Rage Clap 
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