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Aero Theme For Windows 10 November Updated 2

Aero Theme For Windows10 November Update (10586)

Big Update:
+ Add Support DPI 125%, 150%, 175% Scaling
+ Fix some bugs
+ Add new windows10 flat ipack icon

Have 4 Version:
[ 4 Version Hide CommanBar + 4 Version Show CommanBar ]

10-black 1 (Min/Max/Close Default)
10-black 2 (Min/Max/Close Round)
10-white 1 (Min/Max/Close Default)
10-white 2 (Min/Max/Close Round)
Windows10 Flat ipack icon


:  [Link]

(no link via ads, no pop-up)

isual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- Please read file "How To Install Theme - Read Me.txt"

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

If you have installed Patcher UXTheme still not change the theme then corrective like this :  [Link]
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will it work on win 1803 ?
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do not install this theme, it breaks your system. i had to system restore to fix it.
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it just breaks your system when you use wrong version theme for windows 10. This theme only Windows10 November Update build 10586. Not for Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 or Windows 10 rtm
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This is such a gorgeous theme in my opinion! I like how you kept the elegance and flat colours but changed some elements to make it look lighter. It's a shame that it's only for win10 but great work nevertheless! :)
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Thanks! So you want it for...?
P/s: Please buy theme for support
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Looks really nice. I wanted it so badly but it didn''t work. I don't know why. i used themes on Windows 7 already, but never on Windows 10
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Thanks! Your mean is you never use windows 10 or it don't work on windows 10?
Smarix's avatar
It doesn't work for me on windows 10 ^^
Cleodesktop's avatar
you need replace 3 file themeui.dll, uxinit.dll, uxtheme.dll with tut…
P/s: Please buy theme for support
Smarix's avatar
Yeah. I did that. I tried the free version, cause I first want to see if it works and how it looks
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