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Ouran- Fragments No. 7
At the end of one road is a quiet settlement that is the end of the line. There is nothing beyond it but dense, uninhabitable forest that will eventually lead you straight off a cliff if you walk too far. The settlement itself is very small, encompassing only about 300 or so feet. It's really more like a single street than anything else. Those who reside there have their basic needs met, with food easy to come by from either hunting or going into one of the bigger towns several miles off. The conditions aren't all the comfortable- most of them haven't had a truly warm blanket in years- but they make due, and they've done well thus far.
Today is a very big day. The oldest resident of the settlement, who also happens to be a doctor whose saved at least half of the other resident's lives at one point or another, is celebrating her 70th birthday. For her advanced age, she is a spry woman. Her pepper gray hair is cut short, falling around her eyes, but never obstructing her vi
:iconartemis-day:Artemis-Day 10 7
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my day dreams
Acrobatics are done flawlessly
Laughing and joking are heard in darkest of times
Yellow, Red, Black are my favorite clad of colors
Cities are quiet and bright as I swing through out the night
Imaginary things are what people need most
Always in a cheerful place in my dreams
can you guess who I day dream about being
:iconhotrobin99:hotrobin99 3 0
robin boy wonder by hotrobin99 robin boy wonder :iconhotrobin99:hotrobin99 2 10 Supernatural by Chrryflvrlollipop Supernatural :iconchrryflvrlollipop:Chrryflvrlollipop 1 0
Happy Holidays!

No matter what you celebrate at this time of year, I hope all of you, wonderful watchers and one off visitors alike, all have a fantastic time and a happy new year :3
Now go eat until you explode! C:
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when i gave by Cleochanstudio when i gave :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 heading away by Cleochanstudio heading away :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 1 0 we left by Cleochanstudio we left :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 3 0 Staring at you by Cleochanstudio Staring at you :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 on the ground and writhing away by Cleochanstudio on the ground and writhing away :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 2 0 orange moon by Cleochanstudio orange moon :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 imprint by Cleochanstudio imprint :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 Flags by Cleochanstudio Flags :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 morning moon by Cleochanstudio morning moon :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 yellow flower by Cleochanstudio yellow flower :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 1 0 try to by Cleochanstudio try to :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 music does help by Cleochanstudio music does help :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0
We're the ones part 1
We're the ones  part 1
(C)Cloey F Gibbs aka Cleochanstudio 2013
10/10/ 2013
We're the ones who decide when we rise and fall , the ones caught between the war of F.E.A.R and rebels shall and stay in the shadows I stand at the front of the army of rebels as their leader waiting and watching the F.E.A.R  race towards words of poison coming from their tongues , the rebels charge letting their shouts out of protest and for their fallen and remaining  brothers.
Those who hide in the shadows watch and some taken by the F.E.A.R I watch the fighting not really carrying to my surroundings until yells from the remaining rebels who've been taken  ,  our fallen brothers become the guiding angels to us they are our saviours and the returning ones we the ones who remain on the earth wish for freedom and for everything to be normal.
But normal can never happen to those who rebelled against the F.E.A.R , we are surviving on the fact our brothers have fallen and have been take b
:iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 2 0
Thoughts by Cleochanstudio Thoughts :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 4
Trying and realizing
                             Trying and realizing
                             (C)Cloey F. Gibbs
I'm now starting to realize i am starting to miss you when people
who know you bring you up.
So i am also guessing that being '
away from you is another reason for my
depression as well.
I'm trying to be stronger and
not break down in-front of all those who know you.
So why did you have to leave?
Is it because of me or the fact that we got into
so many fights that we could not resolve?
I am getting tired of your negativity and
bullshit of an attitude , hatred towards
you has grown.
My hatred towards you has grown since
you decided to leave and not keep in
Contact with me.
I feel hurt when those words come out of you mouth ,
"You idiot ". Those words hurt. I feel more neglected
around you.
Your patronizing words piercing through
my  heart,
:iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 6
Pain from him
I have to choose a new  lead guitarist and back up vocalist,  for my band the, R.E.N.N. I.W, so far we have, done  a series of tests.
Three guys remain, their names  are, to my left Richard, center is Dan, to the right is Ryan.
"Richard, you showed great,  talent, but talent, isn't what we are looking for. I have to ask you to leave." says Cora.
"Thanks for the chance" says Richard, "You are welcome" says Cora.
Now it's between Ryan and Dan,   I walk up to them.
"You both have the same talent, but only one  of you, had made it into the group" says Cora,  "TELL US ALREADY!" yells Ryan.
"The person  I choose is, Dan.  You have a calm personality, you're ready whenever. Welcome to the group" says Cora.
"What, why him?" asks Ryan, "Ryan, you are short  tempered, you have no control, over how you act." says Cora.
I leave with Dan, "Night Cora"  he says, I wave bye.
:iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0


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So lack of update are because i have been busy and have been forgetting to upload pictures here  you know ... 
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