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Ode to Pain
I scream out to you
"How can you stand there
And watch me die?"
But you just lay still
Motionless, not caring
But you don't understand
This is to you, dear Pain
Caused by
The delicate blade
The dear lighter
The pills of poison
The sweet, slow,
Senuous slice
The deep red trickle
Flowing down
And down
The disappearing of
My flesh
Replaced by blisters
And tears
That dear warming
The little blue capsules
Sliding down my throat
Filling me with happiness
Filling me with peace
I'm just... I don't know. I don't like this too much, I'll probably delete it
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 2
"Why'd you do it?"
"Because I'm not happy"
"But why?"
"I don't know"
I feel so alone
Can anyone hear me
I'm screaming to get out
But it just sounds like
I'm trapped in a cage
Doesn't anyone notice
I'm dying to be free
But for some reason I keep on
I want to be happy
Why won't that happen
I don't know
I'm just sick of being
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 2 9
The pain I want to forget the most
Is the pain I'll always remember
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 0
I want to be happy
I'm sick of being alone
I'd cry myself to sleep
But now I can't even cry
I want to trust her
Tell her secrets
And not worry that they'll
Be known by all
I hate her
I hate it when she
Betrays me
I want to trust her
I want to trust her
But know I can't
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 0
I'm falling
Into a dark despair
There's no way out
And even if there was
I wouldn't take it
I'm going
And not coming back
I'm leaving
I won't turn around
Goodbye now
I won't see you again
I want to die
I want to die
In so much pain
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 1
Title 72
I can't stand the way you look at me
But I always get lost in your eyes
I hate you but love it when you say to me
"Babe, you'll always be mine"
I hear all those lies when you speak to me
Yet I fall for every line
It's unbearable, the way you touch me
Though I can't get you out of my mind
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 0
Maybe I could scream
"I'm sorry"
Until my throat tears.
Maybe I could write
"I'm sorry"
In my arms
And bleed until I'm gone.
Maybe I could die
With a note that says
"I'm sorry"
For everything wrong
I've ever done.
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 2
While people try to give me the world
They have yet to realize
That they're taking away
The few things that are dear to me
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 1
I Wish I Knew
I wish I knew
What to do now
Because I've fucked it up
So badly
My life is
At it's crossroads
I think I'll
Just lie down
"I dream of angels
But live with demons"
The worse demon
Being myself
I can't get
Enough pain
To take me away
I need more pain
I want to sleep
Sleep it all away
I want to die
Rather than live another day
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 2
I Did it Again
I hurt your feelings
And disregarding my own
I tried to make it up to you
I'm not good enough
It doesn't seem like I
Ever will be
I'm sorry
I didn't mean it
I didn't want to hurt you
I tried to make it up to you
But that isn't enough
I guess it never will be
I don't care anymore
I've tried to explain
I'm not who you think I am
I'm no one special
You think that now
If you think of me at all
I read the original again
And now I'm angry at myself
I keep trying
Or my mom would say
"Beating a dead horse to death"
I can't get it to you
You've lost me
I've lost you
And there is nothing to do
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 0
cleo by cleoBEdeo cleo :iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 4
Don't Turn Away
You can't make me say it
You're right
I'm wrong
No one saw it as a problem
Until you made it one
You're fucked up
You hide it
But not so well
You're fucked up
And you'll be rotting
In your own little hell
You can't make me believe it
I'm wrong
I should have listened to you
You're not fooling me
With this little make believe bed time story
...finish later
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 3
Lack of Sleep
I'm sick of just sitting around
I need a smoke
Or a drop of blood
A dose of lung cancer to ease me
A little pain to relax me
Sitting around
I'm doing nothing
Wasting my time
So I'll just leave you alone
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 2 8
I Finally See
You love me
You see no faults
I've always been perfect
In your eyes
It's me
I'm never good enough for
I'll never feel like
Someone special
working on still
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 2
1st: I was confused and didn't know what to do
2nd: You found out, took me to a therapist
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th: made me take pills
7th-18th: You forgot about me
19th-27th: I wanted to know I could still feel
28th-32nd: I relied on the pain
33rd-35th: You found out but didn't care
36th- the rest: I just stopped caring
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 4 4
Shattered Glass
Shattered glass
Littered on the floor
Of the broken home
Shattered hearts
All over the place
None of her own
Shattered faces
Tearstained and broken
It's all her fault
Shattered lives
No longer happy
She's all alone
:iconcleobedeo:cleoBEdeo 0 2


To love and Shakespeare by foraweorsympathy To love and Shakespeare :iconforaweorsympathy:foraweorsympathy 6 2 Walkway to Nowhere by englishgirl Walkway to Nowhere :iconenglishgirl:englishgirl 4 18 Caution by PIRATE-WHORE Caution :iconpirate-whore:PIRATE-WHORE 2 0
There Are Times...
The are times I wish I knew
Just what I'd done wrong
And if I knew, I'd fix it now
Make it new and improved
Get done with what passed
There are days I wish I could
Hear your voice, your laugh
See the smile on your face
Though it may not hold
Any light for me anymore
There are moments I curse
I am angered by your name
Frustrated by your absence
I want to break through this
The wall you set before me
There are stretches these days
Where I will say, "Fuck it"
For I am lost without reason
I dont understand how come
And why you are now so cold
There are periods I suppose
The warmth of my memory
It swells around me in waves
And I smile thinking about it
For these were the good times
There are lulls when I choke up
Wishing I knew where you were
What you were really up to now
How you lived apart from me
When you gave me so much
There are spans I am forlorn in
I took a great gift and threw it
Without understanding of pain
And I didnt repay anything owed
I can't forgive myself for this
There are
:iconcaptainkickass:CaptainKickass 1 7
Fishermens Lake by englishgirl Fishermens Lake :iconenglishgirl:englishgirl 3 6
When you open up my body,
You're fingering my heart
I'm waking up at night-fall
And crawling darkened halls
Just to escape you, Magnus,
Just to be alone,
I'm suffering just for you,
And I'm doing it on my own.
You lick my flaking lips, Magnus
You tickle my torn-up tongue,
You've got me in your grip, Magnus
I cannot resist anymore.
When you open up my body,
You linger in my veins,
I love you like a lover
And yet I hate you more each day because
You cut me to the bone, Magnus,
You cut me to the bone...
All those nights together, Magnus
When I'm really on my own.
:iconflesh-box:flesh-box 22 29
Happiness is no piece of cake.
I've got a body,
To get bloody.

I've got somebody,
To get lucky.

I've got some boy,
To get Lucky

I've got some boy,
And he's had
No luck with me.
My friends want a break from me-
I need a break from myself.
You can leave, I guess you're lucky,
But I can't step outside my body.
I hate it so much, I just want to hurt it,
Don't want to hurt you,
But my body deserves it,
It lets me down and gets me down,
And I don't think you
Get it.
I've got a body, It's quite pathetic,
It's purple from scars where I
Cut, then regret it.
(I never meant to tear us apart)
I know when I cut, I'm
Cutting your heart,
But I am intending
On getting some mending
So I can have you back.
See, I hate my mirror
Exposing my reflection
The lights are better off
Cause the darkness brings protection
(I don't want to harm him,
Don't want to depress him,
I just want to sex him,
And get wrapped around him,
Cause I know that he wants me
Just like I want him)...
I kno
:iconflesh-box:flesh-box 14 33
Slipped. by flesh-box Slipped. :iconflesh-box:flesh-box 2 16
Obsession 1
I've got guns for fingers
Pointing at you,
I've got thumbs that are triggers
Aching to move,
Cupid didn't give me arrows,
He gave me bullets instead-
And he whispered 'Don't aim for the heart,
But rather for the head...'
:iconflesh-box:flesh-box 23 24
winds of change
change we will,
these ways of yor.
end they will,
these times of war.
peace and happiness
will sail ashore.
luv and kindness,
we do implore.
the feminine shepard,
each man must adore.
follow her will
and open, will doors.
with open harts
we can lern so much mor.
we must hav respect
for ourselves and for others.
if we stay true to ourselves,
we'll never be whores.
:iconcalvincanibus:calvincanibus 1 0
L'homme sous le chapeau by siona L'homme sous le chapeau :iconsiona:siona 3 2
the lover's soul
to the bed we will retreat
once again i take her sweet flower
between the legs her purity i devour
eternal passion beyond our control
freed from out bodies, the souring soul
the undeniable pleasures and seductive stares
a higher state of being that only lovers do share
indivisible unity of loving care
soft kisses, gentle thrusts
through bodies, energy perspires
loving one another
fullfillment of each others desires
:iconcalvincanibus:calvincanibus 1 2
I don't know why by siona I don't know why :iconsiona:siona 9 5
The Cold.
my hands are cold. walls lean in crystal shards
across horizons, binding me to cracked
my hands are cold. they shuffle tarot cards
and seek the answers in blank faces - tact
my hands are cold. time slips about, regards
the truth, then backs away from unexact
:iconxxxnycticoraxxxx:XXXnycticoraxXXX 9 73
One Way or Another by englishgirl One Way or Another :iconenglishgirl:englishgirl 3 8
Writer's Block
And so here I am
Once again stuck
Am I bored with my life?
Has society run dry
of all intellectual thought?
I really don't have the answer
A week and a half Ive sat down
at this god forsaken machine
With no direction, No tangent at all
Just another stereotype
The teenage poet with Writer's Block
Frozen at a computer
trying to figure out what to write
Oh, I may start out on a romantic look
at a beautiful island with gorgeous......
Smack, wham, crash
Brick wall
Dead End
Or wait, what about a mysterious sonnet
expressing the dark nature of.....
Drat, Ive run another masterpiece
into the awful mud of my mind
Should I write horror?
Or an action poem?
Never am I sure
Never will I be.....
This is what happens to those
who lose their grip on sanity
To all the great thinkers
I send out a warning
Oversight and Overanalyization
Thats all I have become
That's it, I give, the block has won
I fear I shall never write again
And yet, look at what I've just made!
A masterpiece in its own right
:iconcaptainkickass:CaptainKickass 3 10



Cleo the Leo
United States
Current Residence: NC
Favourite genre of music: all types
Favourite photographer: i don't know any names
Favourite style of art: Sasha
Operating System: computer
Shell of choice: purple
Wallpaper of choice: blue
Skin of choice: peanut
Favourite cartoon character: Peter
Personal Quote: "To forgive is a sign of strength"
I love Charlie


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