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:iconclemontiscute123:Clemontiscute123 posted a status
I CAN'T SLEEP (nah I will soon-) and I have a question... why are some people so picky when it comes to Rps? They are just Rps. I don't understand the need for declining anyone unless they are
1. Saying inappropriate things (well I don't mind sexual things/smut/violent things )
2. Ignoring you constantly and taking days to reply to you (it annoys me so much)
3. Just being plain mean/rude
Things like 'oh I don't like your OC' don't matter at all. And when you're like 'oh sorry I don't like you' that is mean. I know this isn't really a big deal but I just wanted to bring it up

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YugixYamiLove4ever Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everyone has different preferences to you. And when people
RP with others who don't know their likes and headcanons 
RPing becomes unbearable and boring. 
Some people are extreme with rules I've seen that before. 
How ever: 
1. Not everyone is comfortable with inappropriate things regardless of it being
sexual or violent, and they just want a gentle soft RP. While others may
want that. 
2. Many people may not have 24/7 access to a computer of internet.
Or may be busy at the time. 

It's all a convoluted mess and one of the many reasons I don't RP

I hope I didn't sound rude, that wasn't my intention. I simply sharing my opinion
on the topic at hand. 
Clemontiscute123 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, no, no, you don't sound rude. It's fine, I know some people might be busy, but if so, it's probably better to just not Rp at all, but thank you for sharing your opinion :iconhappyrinplz:
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