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:iconclemontiscute123:Clemontiscute123 posted a status

Tom: *sitting on the couch, reading*

*someone knocks on the door*

Edd: *sighs* I'll get it......*opens the door*

Delivery man: I've got a package here for Tom (LAST NAME)

Edd: oh....hey, Tom....there's a package for-

Tom: I know, I know.... *walks up to the delivery man*

Delivery man: sign here, please *holds out a clipboard I guess XD*

Tom: *signs*

Delivery man: and here *points to a blank space*

Tom: *signs*

Delivery man: initials here *points to another blank space*

Tom: *sighs and signs*

Delivery man: thank you, sir *MAKES LIKE A TREE AND LEAFS*

Tom: *lays the package on the couch*

Edd: umm.....Tom....why does the package say 'Fuck'?

Tom: I-......*shrugs*

Edd: well, open it!

Tom: *opens it*

Tord: *pops out* FUCK ME!!!!!

Tom: B'I

Edd: welp, I'm out.... *jumps out the window*

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