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:iconclemontiscute123:Clemontiscute123 posted a status
Clemont (XY 1)
Name: Clemont (Citron)
Siblings: Bonnie (younger sister)
Home: Lumious City
Age: 12-14
Best friends: Ash, Pikachu, Serena
and Korrina
Like: Science, Electric-type Pokemon
Dislike: Peas, getting nervous at taking a photo, getting embarrassed by Bonnie about marrying a woman, losing glasses
Love: Penny Crygor (From another Nintendo Universe)
Inventions: Aipom Arm, Heliolisk Sun Lighter, Clembot, PokeVision Camera Man
Pokemon: Chespin, Bunnelby, Luxio

Artwork Anime: Clemont is a genius boy who like science and creating new inventions, like Aipom Arm and Heliolisk Sun Lighter on his backpack. He his a gym leader from Lumious City with a high IQ and left his position to Clembot, one of his inventions. He wears a suit with Shinx's yellow stripes on it. He joinsd Ash, Serena and his sister Bonnie to a big Kalos adventure! Every his inventions goes kaboom if something goes wrong.

It's my 21st render I've ever made. And I also made my logo below to see this art belongs to me.  Clemont's artwork is based on Pokemon X and Y, and I draw him in XY series to make him look like it. Hope you like it. Don't forget to comment.

All rights goes to the Pokémon Company, Gamefreak and Nintendo.

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