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:iconclemontiscute123:Clemontiscute123 posted a status
Jeff the Killer x OC
Always remember I accept requests!    


- If you're gonna use and post it, ULTRA PLEASE link me the finished picture you made.                                                                                                                  
- Credit or die                                                                          

- In requests, I accept drawing your oc as an 'Your oc meets oc base' or 'Your oc x oc base'                                          
- Dont start a fight in the comments, i'll tell my fucking mom. This rule is a failure.                                                                                        

- Please dont ask when i'm going to draw your request, as I get so many requests.                                                    

- Dont be afraid to ask me something : - 3 if you are, you're gonna die

- Look through my gallery before requesting incase I've already made it

- DONT HAVE A CONVERSATION HERE! Uh just dont. I'll hate you if you do.  

- If you're gonna post it on for example Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter or any weeb social media pls use the tag #Princebases  

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