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:iconclemontiscute123:Clemontiscute123 posted a status
Clemontine and Ashley Birthday Greetings!
The most fashionable of fashionably late greetings -- For my dear CitrusCactus!  I hope your birthday was simply marvelous~ ^___^

This is, of course, based on a cosplay we intend to do very soon.  Please forgive me for a few things:
  • Bunnelby should be in here, but I started drawing this awhile back.
  • Clemontine is such a girl, orz.  She looks like she doesn't know what to do with that dress, so maybe she doesn't actually wear dresses very often. XD;  Regardless, she could've been rockin' the science, but this is just what my brain told me to draw.  Next time we'll try for Science Sisters!  Promise!
  • Tulle is my drawing hand's natural enemy, so I hope whatever got (chewed and) spit out there looks close enough.
  • I don't actually have a bow like that for Pikachu or a necklace like that for Chespin, but I wish I did.
For the record (for y'all out there), this is not a crossdressing picture.  It's (supposed to be) a character genderswap.  Thanks. :3

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