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Sargon, child - coloured

Here he is coloured. Kind of imagine this scene for the opening prologue of "Among the Restless".

This is watercolour + colour pencil.
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I love the contrast in this! Do you scan your colored stuff or take photos of it? I always have a terrible time trying to make traditional stuff look good in digital...
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Thanks! I typically scan it in and up the contrast while lowering the brightness to make the colours pop more. I also use GIMP's S-curves to really pop out the darks and lights. I've taken a photo of this (and similarly fiddled around with the brightness/contrast), but I kind of prefer this scan more. :D

I just found this link about GIMP's I've only scratched the surface!…
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Yep, I get along better with scans, too. Oooh, interesting that about GIMP, I'll check it out! I haven't tried it again in like, 8 years. Thanks!
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Do you use any other type of software?

Some friends have recommended Clip Studio, but I'm kind of used to GIMP (and its features and its free-ness) :P
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I enjoy free-ness, too ;D! In fact, I've been using FireAlpaca/Medibang (they're basically the same thing) to do most of the comic stuff and it's really really handy. It doesn't have much fancy stuff, but for sketching and inking it's very practical. I'm coloring comics again after a long time and it seems to handle itself gracefully enough. But mostly, the easy-to-use guides and stabilized brush make it really comfortable to just sit down and draw. 

I also have been playing with Krita. I liked the brushes very much, but I'm still not that aquainted to it. I'll probably add GIMP to my software to play with!

Both of those are free stuff!
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Hm. I've never heard of FireAlpaca/Medibang before. Easy-to-use guides and stablized brush sounds pretty cool. Krita is also new to me, but the promotional material makes it seem cool. I'll take closer look at your work to see if I can see its effects. ;)
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I like Krita! It seems to be really powerful, by what I tried with it. You have to be a little careful about crashes, but they don't happen THAT much more than with Photoshop. It's not the most intuitive guy out there, though. 
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Wow! I like how you did the fire
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