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Character #1,2,3 for Seal A Lion by ClementTea Character #1,2,3 for Seal A Lion by ClementTea
Due to some story changes, I had to perform a reboot on all my OCs' designs. Mostly cosmetic changes though.

I will start with my main 3 characters: (from left) Tomas Bencoolen, Lu'net, Clarissa Riviera.

Tomas' trivial:
(1) The setting is now modern/fantasy, as opposed to the previous historical theme. Therefore a change in his wardrobe was necessary, to match the new timeline.
(2) Tomas' last name is now Bencoolen. This is to tie in with the naming series of having MRT/LRT stations names as part of every character.
(3) He was originally designed to be loosely based on Thomas Stamford Raffles, and Shenton Thomas. But the idea has been scrapped for a more simpler premise.
(4) Back in 2012, his ethnicity was unknown. My mentor adviced me to not leave it ambiguous, hence it was later changed to Tomas being a Caucasian (angmoh - in Singapore slang), from the fictional land of Albion.
(5) His sword has been removed from the base design, but it might reappear in the future.
(6) Age is suggested to be 23 years old, and stands 181 cm tall in height.

Lu'net's trivial:
(1) Her name was originally spelt "Lunette"; sharing the meaning of a crescent (moon). It was changed to Lu'net, to avoid having names clashed with a certain brand of menstrual cups that popped up last year. Go google it up for yourself. :/
(2) She is one of the very few characters to not be named after a MRT station in Singapore. At one point, she had a Korean-sounding name called "Mi-ran Park". "Ran" meaning orchid. It didn't make much sense to have her with a Korean-like name, so that part was scrapped. The orchid motif remained though, as indicated by the colour theme of her clothing.
(3) She is the oldest of 5 siblings. This is in relation to the five local merlion statues that are officially recognised by the Singapore Tourism Board.
(4) Another name for the merlion, is Singa-Laut. And that in Malay also refers to the sea lions. Because of this, I have Lu'net carry around a sealion plushie. (all because I can *grin*)
(5) She is a glutton for all kinds of local delicacy. And yet she never have to worry about getting too fat. But when she eats WAY too much, she ends up "doing the merlion", aka vomiting.

Clarissa's trivial:
(1) She is designed to be of Eurasian descent; from a European father and an Asian mother. However there is no "Europe" or "Asia" in this story, hence to label her as Eurasian won't technically be correct.
(2) "Ang Moh" is a local slang used to refer to Caucasian/white people in Singapore. One way to translate that term in English is, Ang = red, Moh = hair. That was why I gave Clarissa her red hair - even if she is of mixed heritage.
(3) At the start of the story, she is a secondary 4 student, as well as a prefect. Her school uniform is based on the ones from the secondary school I studied in. I shall then leave you to guess which school that is...
(4) Riviera is the name of LRT station PE4, in Punggol East line. It is associated with a seaside theme.
(5) Her original archetype was tsundere, but kuudere kind of suits her more now. A serious girl with a perfectionist streak, she sometimes come off as being too stiff and rigid. 
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Hmmm,good very details.
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