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ao2 40th day Salem and Rios

unused designs for Salem and Rios. Pieces of their outfit made it in though, like the shoulderpad with the slots for the shotgun shells.
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ifesinachi's avatar
this is awesome, too bad you ain't here to thrill us anymore clem. we miss u man
BluBoiArt's avatar
NIIIICCCCCCCCCCCE, i like the look fo RTG= ReadyToGo on their faces, and the armor design is sweet too.
neil115's avatar
Meiphon's avatar
HORY SHET I love the thick bulky heavy armor here. The sag and natural lines of the pants are just so much fun. You are insanely good with all your heavily pocketed designs, so much awesome! I enjoy how Rios (guy on right?) has his pants pulled over his shoe, just a small detail I find really fun. You have a really really natural and fluid style I just can't get enough of. Amazing designs.
GuardianAngel04's avatar
the guy on the left is Rios and the guy on the right is Salem. :)
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
You know the artist is deceased right?
Afrobot1983's avatar
Your Art is sooo fucking Jusy man
Afrobot1983's avatar
your art is sooo fucking jusy man
darkchild130's avatar
brilliant, I loved this game and am really happy I found your page.
elAqueo's avatar
Excelente diseño!
aexons's avatar
great equipment details, wow O_O
twistedcortex's avatar
itsKUDA's avatar
love this style man!! goooooosh!
JohnLaw82's avatar
wow, i like the style! so nice!!
ken0104's avatar
Awesome style! love this!
Dubedition's avatar
Sweet concept for a sweet game.
inkstiq's avatar
killer style bro
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