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Subsammich 1

So, here's something else I've been working on. It's not 100% done. I ran out of super glue to bind the weapons and the figure to the base but this is :iconsubsammich: 's spartan from Halo 3 with some touch-ups to render it in a paint scheme between Halo 3's and Reach.

We originally intended this base and the body to be part of our Halo 3 tourney's MVP (Most Violent Player=all around kills a lot of people and in general a sadistic fuck) trophy. Cody sculpted the base and carved the organs with the ripped out spine and gore attached to the EVA head. When the tourney fell through due to scheduling and financial conflicts, I grabbed up the base intending to make it something more interesting. So, I pulled the Recon armor off the base and attached his Halo 3 figure (which, midway through the first attempt I had to scrap as he changed to a different armor configuration) parts. Then I figured to make the severed head his brother, Flesh Treat (yes, they really are brothers in reality, not just some deranged idea I pulled out of my ass). I'm going to give this to Cody as soon as I let the paint dry and buy some more glue. Maybe I'll resin epoxy glue the feet to the base so it really won't let go. Still have to glue the weapons but at least Cody can see what the fuck I've been up to (or I'll walk into Ghost Dog Tattoo Studio tomorrow and hand it to him).
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Nov 14, 2010, 2:43:00 PM
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awesome!!!no wait,awesome doesn't begin to describe this.this is EPIC!!!!!!!!!
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Thank ya! I loved putting this one together.
subsammich's avatar
~subsammich not kode-man-2005
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Honestly, I didn't realize you had changed it. Shows how much I pay attention.
subsammich's avatar
Use the right account for me Gelo. lawl
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Did I not get it right?
TheMonkeysUnkle's avatar
Damn someone beat me to it. :iconimveryseriousplz:
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Space Hamlet? Maybe Microsoft can license that in lieu of Bungie's time invested in the series being over. Maybe voice over Mel Gibson's Hamlet on top of this?
lostguru585's avatar
brutal! =D this looks amaaaaaaazing

though the lower half of the leg armor is a different color, what's with that?
clem-master-janitor's avatar
In Halo Reach, I noticed the armors all have gray lower legs and cod pieces. I spent a few days staring at the Halo Reach Nobel Team statue and decided to try this to break up the one color scheme that Halo 3 had for the Spartans.
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That is, if you can.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Oh yeah, nothing is set in stone yet with the pose.
zoru22's avatar
Looks like his hip is thrusting forward. Pull it back so the stance looks more natural.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
It was a quick set up for taking the picture. I need to firm it up with the superglue so it will be ready to rock and roll on display in the tattoo studio. I've fiddled with the stance a few times since then but until the glue is ready to rock.

Or maybe he's really into necrophilia and I'm just psychic style showing it in his custom figure? I might tell him that tomorrow when I see him.
zoru22's avatar
Hip-thrust + Fist pump >.>;
clem-master-janitor's avatar
And then clean up on isle 4.
zoru22's avatar
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I haven't played Halo 3. So I almost didn't catch the similarities to the original. Helmet and armor is different but the Sword gave it away. You did great work. As nasty as it sounds I like the guts on the stand. Adds detail. :)
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Cody sculpted them. I'm taking a sculpture class this spring with my free credits to master making customizing the figures even further into Reach style armor layouts. I'm customizing two or more figures for the kids in the wedding into their Reach/3 hybrids.
saber4734's avatar
Where did you get the figures? I know we just got some in at Kmart. Not sure how well they have sold though.
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