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AC: Split Skull

Wanted to get a new picture of this kit. It was my first kit I truly can say I loved the end results. The kids damaged part of it so I ended up adding more aggressive battle damage.

So, due to :iconjonevangelist: wanting to get out the word on the great models by Kotobukiya in the Armored Core vein, I'm proud to announce my completion of an AC I used in Last Raven (sorta).

This is the AC known as 'Split Skull.' I've been tooling around with this kit now for nine months. Just recently I finally felt my painting skills were up to par with what I wanted to actually assemble this kit. I've had most of the parts since the first two AC kits came out two years ago and the last parts at the beginning of the year. Trust me, it was an expensive venture to collect all the parts needed. Worse, now I want more.

Assembly wasn't terrible. It was mostly getting the feel for how Kotobukiya designed the kit and how I wanted (or needed) to paint the parts. Their plastic is much more thin versus Bandai's HGUC line, but the details are also that much greater and more intricate, too. It is snap together, but requires glue at the same time. I snapped the right wrist repeatedly during test fitting and final assembly. The wrist now has a pin holding it together. Shoulders didn't like the GAEA core much and don't have that flex I'd like. Fortunately the arms have an insane amount of flex in the elbows that compensates greatly for the shoulder conflict. In reality, the AC in game wouldn't need that much shoulder flex (since it doesn't blade ever) but it would be nice to give it that cocking off feel to the pose.

When I originally created my Nexus file, it lead to the naming of this AC almost immediately. I decided to pilot under the name of 'Headache' as I was choking down a fucking bad migraine. It resulted in all the ACs I created being named after thoughts of headaches: 'Split Skull,' 'Seizure,' 'Ibuprofen,' etc... The main difference in design is I use the 'EYE3' head part and the left arm machine gun isn't that large, though kind of close in design.

I really didn't have any idea what to do for an emblem for the AC. An AC needs an emblem less it doesn't seem quite finished. At the same time I can't use the AC 3 designs paint program. It just pisses me off. So often I just upload older emblems I did make. Then I said to hell with it and used existing emblems that come with the game. This time I opted to grab the Crossbone Gundam's MG waterslides skull emblem. It fit the feeling I had when I originally created the AC of my skull nearly splitting from the pressure. It even looked like it was splitting. Most excellent.

I'm not sure what else to say so I'll leave it there. Also, since I'm sure no one will actually read this, I'm either going to assemble another customized design or build Seraph. One of the two.

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enc86's avatar
wow, very impressive. i would say the added weathering is wicked!
clem-master-janitor's avatar
As a fan of the game, this was a long labor of love. I actually understood the weathering on this kit better than any kit before it since I knew first hand how I abused the design in game.
raipo's avatar
I see, so this was the AC that you were talking about. I can see parts from the C01 Gaea and the first Crest AC (both of which I own) plus an extra head and weapons. Your ensemble looks great BTW, now I'm pushing myself to build and paint mine.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Do it up! My next round of AC will be either an homage to the very first AC I ever piloted (*cough* original Armored Core *cough*) or one of the biggest damn kits I've ever purchased.
raipo's avatar
Oh wow man that'll be EPIC!

Koto still doesn't have the legs I had for my AC 'Hardduck' (the lightest leg from AC3, have to recall it's serials) and a whole lotta other parts.

But I'm planning to paint the AC I'll come up with in my colors. That is the least I can do.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Sometimes close enough is about all we can hope for.
ogamitaicho's avatar
That's a great model with a fantastic painting job as always ! :D
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Not bad for a nearly three year old work, no?
ogamitaicho's avatar
3 years old work ! :D Yep that is definitely a great work my friend ! :#1:
EmptySoul01's avatar
Armored core forever!!! I like to make this AC on last raven great job.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
It tears apart the enemy ACs in a hurry.
CharTeam's avatar
really awesome AC man
LCom's avatar
really super sweet. It can be a challenge to make orange an intimidating color, but you nailed it.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Just lucked out and Tamiya had such a nice and mean looking standard orange paint to work with.
Tatsumi67's avatar
man I gotta get me one of them AC kits
clem-master-janitor's avatar
I have three more to build. I want to make each one my major building/painting milestones.
Tatsumi67's avatar
Good plan. Come to think of it I may want to do another Gouf Custom as my yearly skill check
clem-master-janitor's avatar
With the HGUC, how can one not try to compare?
Tatsumi67's avatar
actually the gouf custom kits I've done are the 8th team run kits, which are TERRIBLE but easy and fun to paint. It was the first gunpla I ever seriously attempted, and so it's a yearly skill check.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Yeah, but with the new one, it's something to go back and hit and see if you can do the same with it and get an extra mile of awesome out of it. Part of me screams to buy that kit right now and try it but the wife reminds me of the other 40 kits still in boxes awaiting my building.
Kitty1000's avatar
This Paint Job = Awesome.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Thanks. Though I will admit I did a different style of painting on the core versus the rest of the body. For some reason I decided to not do like I did for the Gouf Custom when I started but remembered I could do that midway through the core painting. By then it was too late to go backward and strip off the paint (I figured I was on a tighter deadline with's group build) so I hid that with the weathering.
1-4-4's avatar
(I thought I posted a response here... I guess I forgot?)

"AC Ibuprofen" :D

Looks great! I love the orange. Weathering is a bit stark in places but I dig it. And you got an emblem. Gotta have one of those, everybody knows that! :)
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