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No one is better

By Clelius
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I'm kida sick of all those sexist stereotypes people talk about to convice someone that their gender is better than the other.

"women are more concerned about appearance than men"
"men are not as good at cooking as women are"
"women always make better parents than men"
"women are not as good at driving as men are"
"women dislike nice guys and always go with bad guys"
"men just think about sex in a relationship"
and on and on and on.

Sorry, no gender is better than the other.
A gender is just as good and bad as the other.
Why can't some people accept it, and must still go on with the "I'm better than u because I have different genitals" thing?

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doughnutdog3678Student Filmographer

well, about cooking..

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MargaretheslyviaHobbyist General Artist

They are the same, just different reproductive parts,

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BigTheCatLover65Professional General Artist
Women are fake and gay
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Animalsrock96723Hobbyist Digital Artist

No they're not. You probably just haven't met a nice woman yet.

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ZeldamonFallsboundStudent Writer
100% using!
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iiTrxshyiiStudent Digital Artist
i like girls more then boys
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XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist
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Sofia04CatStudent Writer
1. Appearance doesn’t matter
2. Some of the greatest chefs in the world are men (Take Gordan Ramsey for Example)
3. Most kids love their dad more than their mom, because most of the time, Their Mom overreacts like an idiot.
4. Then who invented the Car?
5. I like Nice Guys ;-;
6. Not all of them. Some of them are single and just want a girlfriend. Plus, the type of men you’re talking about, Women like that exist. They’re called T H O T S
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acla13Professional General Artist
DITTO! :salute:
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Animalsrock96723Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AspareaccountHobbyist Digital Artist
No one is better than anyone else. Everyone has their weaknesses, not just women. 
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CharaTheRabbitHobbyist General Artist
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SomeCoconutHobbyist General Artist
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LadyIlona1984Hobbyist General Artist
We have flaws.
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MushPotatoesStudent Digital Artist
of course, i really hate people who think each gender is flipping better, like seriously. We have different genders, but that doesn't meant we are both not gonna fight to each other. I mean. We are both humans. And we don't care which is better, just because men are "stronger" than women doesn't mean there is no women in the entire world that isn't strong.
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We only have genders to reproduce and keep our species thriving to be honest.
So no one is better. I agree with you!
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Pikachufan260Hobbyist Digital Artist
using using using using U S I    N G
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My mom went to work and my dad stayed home and cooked. Screw gender roles 
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MarbletismStudent Traditional Artist
Perfect example buddy :)
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AspareaccountHobbyist Digital Artist
My dad cleans the dishes, takes me grocery shopping and he cooks sometimes. He's a mix of gender roles, male and female. SO FUCK HE'S GOD. 
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Glowbutt2722Hobbyist General Artist
Mine too.
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