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Tinkerbell Japanese style

done for Japan Expo.

I couldn't find that account where I downloaded the floral brush ( the green leaves on the front) Looks like the account has been desactivated or i'm just blind.
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She looks cute in that kimono! Now suddenly I have a craving for Chinese odd. Any way, nice work. 💛💚💚💚
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Cute one of Tink here
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Love the kimono-it's cute.
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Tinkerbell-san in a kimono eating rice with chopsticks!
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wou Totalmente KAWAI!!!
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Totally Awesome! :heart: Nice work!:D
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super beau , je l'ai pas vu au Japan Expo tu l'as fait pour quelqu'un en particulier ? c'était une dédicace ?
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I LOVE the costume design!! Very nice. I think its better than her original one. ;)
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oh no, don't say that^^ plus, the costumes they did after for the tinkerbell movies have more and more details. Tinkerbell is just cosplaying here^^ thank you anyway
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lol I do like what she wears in the movies... Im not saying that. But I do really like this outfit. ^^
Would like to see her in a few more outfits also... ;)
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She's adorable! I love the idea.
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I wish I could have more ideas like that^^
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Ooooh I love this! Not only is the background extremely beautiful and detailed (love the sky!) but her kimono looks amazing! And Tink has never looked cuter! <33 Plus rice bowl is just win!

Love this piece! Awesome job! :love:
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huhuhu^^ thank you for the comment :3
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Your very welcome!! ^ ^
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This is so cute! Would you mind if I cosplayed this? I'd credit you as the one who designed it.
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Random but it you do a cosplay that'd be awesome! I'd love to see it! ^ ^;; But it'd be cute to see a Tink in a Kimono like this. :3
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Thanks for the encouragement!
Yuko-Sempai's avatar
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