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Halloween Disneyland Paris


finally! There we were!! I waited for so long to be able to wear a disney costume in the park! . After 3 intense days of anime convention and cosplay, I finished the week end with some friends in Disneyland Paris.

I did the dress for the occasion. I already had one I bought from fanplusfriend but for this special day I wanted something better^^

I had a blast. Everybody wanted to take pictures with us, thinking we were official characters from the park. I have to admit that Ben, the mad hatter is just incredibly similar to the real character and his costume is so well done!! Everybody was calling him johnny depp ^^,,,

All the kids were like:: alice!! some others giving me their autograph book. Sorry kids, I'm not the real one^^

We took a bunch of picture so I'm going to flood my dev account with them. it is not art , we took the pictures by ourself, sometimes with the timer on.

(I'll also add my Giselle cosplay I wore on friday during chibi japan expo ^^)

more pictures and notes: [link]
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Great picture !!
Everybody looks so perfect !!
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Looks like you had fun! Can you please clarify something for me :blush: Because im going to the halloween party this year and I can read they have trick or treat- but I been told by someone attending once that they dont?
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that's just wow. amazing cosplays...(especially the mad hatter is.. just.. he could play the double of johnny depp in the film XDDD)
and now i want to go to disneyland too.. again Q___Q
clefchan's avatar
me too lol^^ I want to go again
IronAnna's avatar
well.. i've always my minnie-mouse-ears as a memory *_*
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I think I saw you there.... were you there at the Halloween Party at the end? and did you get passed by several large fluffy animals?

Im sure I saw you jumping up and down to the music at some point! though I may be wrong:P
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well, maybe ?^^ I don't know I don't remember dancing on the music. When you speak about fluffy animals, do you mean the characters from the park?^^
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Ben did make a wonderful Mad Hatter, but you are honestly one of the most beautiful Alice's ever, as close to the Disney animated version as humanly possible. I first crushed on you for being a remarkably gorgeous Power Girl, and you don't have a bad costume yet.
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thank you for my costume but you know, I' didn't make my costume from the movie, I did it based on disney's parks face characters ( the dress is different from the animation) and course I'm way older than the real alice is ^^,,,
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But you look so young. :)
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some of the best A.I.W. costumes Ive seen!:)
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I just noticed Mad Hatter's card says 420 and 69, maybe it's just my mind but I'm seeing naughty references there!
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oh lol! I didn't notice thaT§ I'll ask her O_à. But I don't know what means 420
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4:20 is a term used to refer to getting high on weed. It's notorious for being hidden in Taratino films.
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oh ok I didn't know. thank you for the explanation ^^
CostumesbyCourtney's avatar
*Girl-Mad Hatter I meant.
You all look so freaking awesome! Sounds like you had a blast too, I is jealous!
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we had^^ fantastic night^^
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:XD: Love the various expressions. Great costumes!
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THIS IS TOTALLY ART! I :love: your Alice Costume!!!! :tighthug: The pics were amazing!
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Nice Alice, really pretty :)
And the Mad Hatter on the righ is PERFECT! :D
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yes he is just woaw!!! and funny^^
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