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Green Arrow rocks

By clefchan
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Smallville should not tell "poor lonely and sad Clark" story but "funny and hot" Green Arrow's.

Drawing for GA + matte painting for the background

Edit may 2007 : I gave to Justin hartley, during Asylum convention in England, the only picture I had printed of this drawing . He seemed suprised, and I hope, glad.
He was very nice and had a very lovely smile. Unfortunately he looked so tired, but even tired he was so funny and punchy on the stage.
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He also rolls.

(I'm so dumb, I'm sorry for that XDD))
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I totally agree with you about the funny and hot Green Arrow. 
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I got so excited when I found out CW was doing a Green Arrow tv series; then I found out it wasn't starring Justin Hartley and I got bummed about it.
Just Hartley is my favourite Green Arrow.
And this is just epic.
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Dude, awesome picture! He is so cool.
Faithful-Imagination's avatar
Very very cool! Wonderful work. I love the moon.
NekoDrayUchimaki's avatar
wow your artwork is amazing.
Flawed-Perception's avatar
Thankfully, CW is doing a new series called Arrow that is centered around Oliver Queen. Sadly, it's not Justin Hartley.
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I do rock dont i? faved.
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Dude I completely agree! forget clark, move onto the better story of Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow!
SpeedyDaMechanic's avatar
I second that statement
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An eagle was soaring through the air when suddenly it heard the whizz of an arrow, and felt itself wounded to death. Slowly it fluttered down to the earth, with its life-blood pouring out of it. Looking down upon the arrow with which it had been pierced, it found that the shaft of the arrow had been feathered with one of its own plumes. "Alas!" it cried, as it died, "We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction!"
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Looks Great!
TeninoNature's avatar
Great job on this. You re-invented himm yet he still seems like his original self. Thats hard to pull off for some, including myself.
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I definitely agree! We should have a show about the GA!
SailorMoonParadise's avatar
i'm a big fan of the Emerald Archer and Smallville so when i saw this pic i just had to save it to my favorites i think you did really great work it looks like a piece out of a comic great job
FallenAngel-S's avatar
I love Green Arrow
nice work :)
Hi! I want to invite you to join the new Smallville group, #Daily-Planet. We're trying to create a more organized group so the fans can find exactly what they are looking for.
We would appreciate to have your art in our gallery =)

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EKKKK!!! OMG this is so freaken kool!!! *drools*

-Le Phantom :mangapunksai:
ChicoMarx's avatar
Very cool.:) Love his costume, and the perspective.
ColomoArt's avatar
Wow! that's awesome! i've always wanted to meet a character from smallville, but i would prefer to give them an actual drawing or painting. Congrats!
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that would totally work. they did try to do an 'Aquaman' spin off, but that didnt work too well cos they had Justin Hartly play the main man.

they also wanted to do one called 'Grayson' but really, eight/twelve years of circus didn't realy pose much action for young Robin.

Now Green Arrow, i would watch, i mean, they might get a new writed for a spin off that wouldnt toally rape the comic book stories.
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Ha ha, I know! Green Arrow is so hot! Justin Hartley is just perfect for him! :love: Nice job on the drawing!
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