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Goodbye my friend - spiderman3

*spoiler*, my vision of the last scene from Spiderman 3 with Harry Osborn as the new green goblin .

I tried to remember how were the scars Harry got on his face, because I couldn't find one single picture on the web.

I was inspired by this picture [link]

Here is the step by step making of:

photoshop and photoshop almost.
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better than TASM 2 version
ChristinePresley's avatar
I love James Franco as Harry !!! Very well done !!!
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The expression in his face makes me feel so sad.**** Spoiler***** Just like when he lost his life in the movie. That was so sad.
1000yearseternalmaze's avatar
AWWW :( So he is a bad guy after all?In the new animation for Spider Man he seems decent.
icyhugs's avatar
Peter: fine! U go for ur Phantom of the Opera audition! I will make my own show!
:iconicyhugs: so that's how ur musical came to be, Spidey?
icyhugs's avatar
Harry, so u r leave for the audition of Phantom of the Opera?
potterfangladap's avatar
It is not you,I want to see you
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I cried when I watched this scene.. :(

Very wonderful photo! I love it.
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Nice. This was a sad scene. =(
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this is incredible! i love it
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man i loved this goblin in the movie
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Pls don't leave me Harry! Man, that scene almost made me feel like a Harry x Spidey movie! Ur pic is very touching
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hah! fantastic! whoooop!
Glorthag's avatar
Wow, thats good.You should try drawing Venom!
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Man... it was like 'goodbye my love...'
ccjellis's avatar
I was so sad when he got defaced :o I was like noooooooooooooooo!!! I loves u!!! :o
chrie's avatar
Wow, so much emotion...makes me want to hug him!! Sad movie..
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Wow, amazing. :D I loved this part of the movie. Nicely done! The colours are great. ^^ :+fav:
davidmetcalfe's avatar
Love the emotion in the eyes. Bravo!
a1984niceguy's avatar
beyond stunning ,
depth, emotive , realism and more
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This is ... amazing :wow: ... :faint:

... wait!



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