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Draco Hermione look at me edit

I did this drawing after reading a Harry Potter fanfiction in french. I really liked this passage and I wanted to illustrate it. But I'm not that happy with it, since it is not exactly drawn as I pitured it.
The picture may seem too dark on some screens, I'm sorry about that.

Voici un dessin que j'ai réalisé d'après une fanfiction Harry Potter en français. J'ai beaucoup aimé ce passage et je voulais l'illustrer. Je ne suis pas tellement contente car je n'ai tout à fait réussi à retranscrire ma vision.

j'ai perdu le lien vers la fan fiction, ne me demandez pas, je n'arrive pas a retrouver l'histoire

EDITdec 2010: Par contre pour les fans draco/hermione, j'ai remis la main sur une fanfiction que j'avais écrite à l'époque, malgré quelques erreurs de style j'en suis plutôt assez contente; j'avais essayé de respecter un max les caractères des protagonistes. je préfère ne pas la relire aujourd'hui car j'imagine que je vais trouver ça affreux XD

EDIT 2010 :the link to the fanfiction isn't working anymore so please don't ask for it because I don't have it and I don't remember the title of the story ( plus, it wasn't in english) I did this drawing 6 years ago, so please understand . Thank you

I also did a fanfiction about them few years ago, it is in french but if you're curious you can read it here : [link]
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Hermione isn't the type to ware something like that.
iamphentesilea's avatar
Hey, the man in the right picture is... OH MY GOD GANDALF
jc-starstorm's avatar
Ils ne seront jamais ensemble.

Toraach's avatar
Pure Dramione :)

Is that Gandalf on the wall? Right picture from those three.
thalle-my-honey's avatar
Really wonderful art work ♥
FalconLord92's avatar
I see GANDALF!!!!
RagunaRF's avatar
Whether or not this is what you pictured, this drawing came out beautifully! I love the setting and the detail :)
 Dramione :D
scared192's avatar
is gandalf in the portrait ?!?
Moonfreeze22's avatar
The title of the fanfiction is Basketcase I finished reading it today.Good work by the way!
It hurts my heart that the story isn't in English.  I'd love to read it.
Moonfreeze22's avatar
But it is in English. You can find it on fanfiction, just look up Draco x Hermione fandom and look for the story Basketcase.
Oh yay!  I'll do that!
EpikalStorms's avatar
I want Hermione's shorts....
GlendichDyller's avatar
c'est très jolie Heart 
H-J-C's avatar
I love this pairing! My friends think me mad. 
Hermy-one's avatar
Wow, thats a good Draco. 
shadowyzman's avatar
Amazing! Gotta love the Gandalf tribute :P
Heir-to-Sunspear-23's avatar
I loved it! I started shipping this couple for like, two days, and your art is by far my favorite. It's amazing!
rvjerusalem's avatar
My comp screen is really dim, but I can see it just fine. So it a great pic. Be proud of it.
gandalf in the picture frame! AWESOMEE!
what does it mean it English
moviegirl123's avatar
I love it. He just had to sneak a peek.
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