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Shooting Star


Edit 2: fixed a random bit of white pixels appearing near shoulder

OK I think I fixed the problem where it was filling in the transparent background with that dA thumb shadow thing, but if you do see this with some kind of dark background, it's not meant to have one, it's truly transparent LOL

Made for the contest group #minishizzle's Sci Fi Cliches AV Contest.

Used this amazing base made by my new friend on PixelGlam; Pink Attack Base by ~0PinkCat0. I told you your bases are amazing, make more! :la: :lmao: And thanks for sharing :heart:

Challenged myself to use everything on the list of suggestions:
1) Jetpack (with animated sparks)
2) Helmet/hood (could only fit the helmet)
3) Raygun/Lasergun (with animated pew pew action)
4) Jumpsuit/Catsuit (with long central zipper)
5) Too Many Belts (even on her arms and such)
6) Platform shoes (were the hardest part of all to draw right)
7) Tinted glasses/googles (tinted visor counts right? tinted pink but looks purple lol)
8) Crazy colored hair (green)
9) Strategic cutouts (wasn't sure what this meant but the jump suit has arms cut to look flashy and some cut outs on her waist)
10) High collar (check)
11) Military medals (didn't have much room but managed to fit in some little stripes and a smily face medal on the shoulder)
12) Glowing accents (really didn't have much room but theres a piece on the jetpack that glows, two yellow accents on the black headphones and two glowing leds on the lasergun but it's hard to see those)
13) Oversized gloves (check)
14) Headphones/Headset (did both)
15) Cape (check)

OK. SO. I think there's only ever been a few artworks of any kind that I've ever made that took as much hard work and effort as this did. Seriously need to work on something outside of pixelling because my eyes are actually buggered after this. I think I can safely say I've never done as many things as this on one doll, and never done that many separately animated parts on one thing either. Between me and my family, this has been CC'd to death and I'm just not going to touch it or anything else pixel related for at least a day now haha.

I am SO proud of this, whether it's derp to others or not, for my 4th doll, it's a big achievement :faint:

Frames: 51
Time: 2 Days roughly

Tools: PS CS4

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Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
Beautiful and colorful!!!:love:
Blackfirm's avatar
The military medals made me smile because they kinda look like the Latvian flag (:
This is such an amazing doll, and I'm so jealous of your skill. I've tried dolling a few times, but never actually managed to finish one >_<''
ClefairyKid's avatar
Thanks, it's one of the ones I'm most proud of, I've only dolled a little bit before making this one too, so it just takes a lot of time into the one piece, making it just so ^^
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Puvithel's avatar
Oh man, she looks so awesome!!
ClefairyKid's avatar
Thanks, my proudest doll so far :heart:
Puvithel's avatar
You're welcome, it really is quite well-done! :3
CKOddly's avatar
The stars are amazing. I love the jet pack its fantabulous!
ClefairyKid's avatar
Aw wow thank you! Coming up with a way to draw the jetpack was the most challenging part :giggle:
midsneypixels's avatar
why wasn't this in my favorites?
ClefairyKid's avatar
3lda's avatar
That's lovely, the colours look really great!
ClefairyKid's avatar
Thank you so much :huggle: It took soooo much effort to put together, darn animations! :lmao:
midsneypixels's avatar
damn it, I'm gonna fail so bad.
ClefairyKid's avatar
Pardon? Fail at what? :lmao:
midsneypixels's avatar
compared to this, my entry's gonna fail, lol.
ClefairyKid's avatar
Oh right sorry, I forgot about the contest thing, entries aren't better or worse because of other entries, they are as good as you make them be c: I put a lot of time, effort and heart in, and sometimes when I don't put all those things in, my things aren't as nice as they could have been, therefore, I do my best not to worry or feel discouraged by what others do, and think about what I can do to give my pieces their best chance c:
quinqui's avatar
It's so beautiful and charming! Great work! :boogie:
ClefairyKid's avatar
Ithinkurqreat's avatar
You're amazing. I couldn't draw this in a million years, forget about in pixels!
ClefairyKid's avatar
Well, I don't know why but, for me at least, it's a lot easier to do things in pixel than by drawing ^^; Thank you :huggle: I'm glad you like it :heart:
Ithinkurqreat's avatar
I'm the opposite. I find that pixels make me want to bang my head against a wall. And you're welcome :D
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