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Clee3rd Madness Combat persona Ref sheet
By clee3rd   |   Watch
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Published: November 14, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 clee3rd
I was Inspired to Make this  ref sheet from This ref sheet by nighttame/kityena.
Other links: NewGrounds

Now for the "More Info" Shit : 
(seriously, you dont have to read all of this, most of them are just edgy cringeworthy Information)

"Aswang" traits/abilities
 * has superhuman strenght, speed and agility, but still has dificulty when fighting ATP enhanced individuals
 * Shapeshifter
 * has psychic/magical powers like Jebus, but doesnt like using them (coz they're OP and kills the fun)
 * is weak to salt and garlic, as they burns their skin (but has no problem eating food with salt and/or garlic on them)
 * cannibal (eats people)
 * cannot die permanently, will (temporarily) just become a Ghost
 * the Ghost can return to their body when its fully healed/repaired
 * can heal from any injury but the healing rate is as fast as a normal person
    - like deadpool but alot slower
    - for example, a severed arm might take months or even years to completely heal
    - will die from fatal wounds, but the dead body will still heal until its completely healed, so the ghost can return to it
 * has Claws (3edgy5me)
 * can use shapeshifting powers to disguise as enemies

 * Wears a Skintight Suit made of spandex/lycra, coz latex is so impractical and hinders agility
 * can still be Agile and Mobile while wearing 5 inch high heels (but is a lot faster without them)
 * isnt really blind on one eye, the mask just limits their depth perception
 * the mask that has a HUD, also doubles as a computer, which they use to chat with their friends (like what they do in that homestuck
 * The device on their back is called Digitized Inventory Containment Kit (lel DICK)
     - can store a finite/limited ammount of objects and equipment
     - but the storage space is pretty big tho
     - Stolen from the AAHW
     - basically like Erza's "re-equip" power from that weeaboo show "fairy tail"
 * Carries a Ton of EMP Grenades in their inventory (mostly to be used againt Magic users and Electronic devices)

Personality, Habits, and Extra info:
 * can be friendly with people but is ready to backstab anyone for money
 * uses the ":T" face a lot
 * Used to have a crush on the Auditor, ...... . ...... used to
 * edgy AF
 * says alot of inappropriate stuffs at inappropriate situations
 * uses 2 hands when wielding single weapons if possible
 * Knows alot about Technology (aka, pretty "Techy"), but doesent know how to hack
 * Knows alot about guns (but not as much as 1999elias), and gets mad whenever they see a G11 ejecting spent bullet casings
 * even tho they have superhuman abilities and mary sue powers, they're still relatively underpowered
 * cannot win 1v1 fights with named characters/protagonists (fancharacters of different peeps) most of the time
 * Most of these info are just trivial and are useless TBH
 * "Mary Sue" AF

<<Disclaimer: Madness Combat Belongs to Krinkelsany resemblance to any character or outfit design from anywhere fictional or real, its purely coincidental>>
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