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Luma Plush Tutorial

Pattern: [link]

Fleece pwns felt!

I love how the tutorial category is listed under "frequently used."

So I have succumb to the mob, and now present you with a Luma tutorial. <3

Lumas (c) Nintendo
Tutorial and pattern (c) ~clearkid

If you have any questions, about making the Lumas please comment below. If you have questions about other stuff, please go explore my gallery and journals. ;)

For the glory of God!
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© 2009 - 2021 clearkid
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We love your pattern, thank you!

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Thanks a lot! ♥
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Hello, I love this pattern so much but I do have a question. What kind of fabric did you use to make the plushie? 
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i never knew that i needed this
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wooo just finished mine! i had to copy the pattern by hand tho because i dont have a printer, so i couldn't get the top curl to come out and the legs are stumpy but it looks like a luma! made this for my roommate who, while i was planning on making her this, was in the process of secretly making me a plushie as well. LMFAO funny how stuff works like that
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Hey clearkid,

today I tried to repoduce your Luma plush with the given pattern. I have to admit that it works very great and is easy to understand! However, your pattern contains one minor issue when compared to the original design of Lumas.
Your legs are made to extend from the bottom of the Luma. But initially the legs are directly connected with the arms. Hence I corrected your pattern slightly. You can see it here:

Corrected pattern

But without your base pattern I wouldn't be able to create such an adorable Luma plush in just an hour. Thank you very much! Here is my result:

27cm Luma plush
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Thank you thank you thank you! I now have the perfect Christmas gift for my Mario obsessed son. He's gonna be so happy. I found the tutorial on pinterest but followed your watermark here. I am glad I did. 
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I'm going to make one right now! Thank you for the pattern!
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this pattern is so great!! thank you so much!! X3
I was wondering if I could sell the Lumas I make using this pattern? 
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I have read the comments and seen that you have given others permission to sell the lumas made using this pattern and I was wondering if I could do the same?
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thank you for the tutorial!
LoZOtaku11's avatar
Oh my god, thank you for this tutorial! My friend requested me to make a Luma plushie for her!
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I screwed up and didn't notice that it needs to be one pointy side up, one floppy side up. Hopefully I can salvage it. xD
thank you so much <3
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I was trying to find something to make for my niece and nephews for Christmas and I ran across your pattern on Pinterest. I can't thank you enough; I'm making one for each of them in their favorite color. :)
what type of cloth did you use for this? and did you use the same fabric for the eyes? thank you bunches ^_^
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Hi the pattern works great. Thank you for sharing and the nice tutorial. Now im going on to make an armada of luma stars for my children :)
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you should know the pattern is flawed, the sides do not match up correctly and if you want it to be accurate i suggest taking two of one of the sides and editing on the head curl yourself as i did because mine kept turning out lumpy and with the limbs misplaced until i noticed this and fixed it 
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SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!
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that pattern is really unfaithful to the chubby shape of a luma. mine turned out too tall and i did everything exactly by the book. now ill have to make my own pattern
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maybe more stuffing was needed to make it round/chubby like. I'll try this one next week, if i have problems could you help me with your improved pattern?
KomadoriKazashimo's avatar
I adore you for this. Youre a top notch person. 
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