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How to Wire Ears



Mini tutorial time.

Green is wire, red is stitching, and tan is masking tape.

Have large ears/horns/other things sticking up out of your hat that are just sadly flopping over? Try adding some wire!

I use gauge 20 steel wire for most everything. It's thick enough to hold your stuff up, yet thin enough you can bend it with your fingers.

You'll usually want to add your wire after you've finished sewing your hat. Simply measure out enough wire to go inside both ears plus about 20 inches extra.

Find the middle of your wire piece and place it on your center seam. Then make two bends where the inside of the ear starts.

Then take and end and push it in between the stitches into the ear. Then push it back out on the outer edge of the ear. Do the same for the other side.

While holding the inner bend in place, push the long wire end into the ear until it loops up and fills the whole inside. Then bend the long end towards the back of the hat. Do the same for the other ear and then pinch the wire into shape as needed.

Form a small loop in the back with the two ends and twist them together in the middle. Cut of the excess and make tiny loops on the ends so they won't be sharp.

With a needle and thread, stitch through the inside seams, wrap around the wire and tie off at bends to hold the wire in place.

If you like (especially useful if you have long hair) Carefully cover the wire twist with masking tape.

And there you go, now you can add those inches to your height!

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Hope it will work on my Reverse Annie cosplay... If yes, u save my life :D