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How to Add Ears

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Base Fleece Hat Tutorial --> [link]
If you want to wire your ears so they stand up: [link]
Part 2 of making a Typhlosion hat and the patterns for this: [link]

So this is actually part one of three tutorials centered on this new Typhlosion hat I made, and now you can learn to make it too. :)

Don't feel limited to ears either, this can be used for anything that you want to put through a seam!

Bonus tip: If you're using a sewing machine, use your reverse function to sew back first and then forward. This will keep your stitches from unraveling.

Tutorial (c) ~clearkid Please don't re-post this anywhere, kindly leave a link instead.

For the glory of God!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.
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it's a helpful tutorial, but how to sew on a horns with round base, for example?
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violetarchriotHobbyist Writer
Thank you!
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If you sew across the bottom edge of the ears, which closes them, how can you put wire into them?
clearkid's avatar
clearkidProfessional Filmographer
You can slip the wire in between the stitches. :)
KamikazeKitteh's avatar
KamikazeKittehHobbyist Artist
Now, when it comes to using wiring to keep long/skinny ears do you avoid the uncomfortable half circle wiring in the back? could i completely avoid this and only put the wiring in the ears without putting wiring in any other part of the hat? Do you get what I'm saying..?
xXunovianXx's avatar
xXunovianXxHobbyist Digital Artist
I keep reading this over and over and over again but I can't seem to understand everything... :P
AisurandoEmil's avatar
AisurandoEmilStudent General Artist
Thank you so much, im gonna adjust it and make a prussia hetaween hoodie! this helped~
karkittyxD's avatar
Hi.. Like you haven't already done enough but what size ears did you use? :)
mf136718's avatar
mf136718Hobbyist Digital Artist
can you post a new link cause this one leads me to automotive college ad
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mf136718Hobbyist Digital Artist
oops wrong post sorry its the how to make a fleece hat entry its being dumb for me
WhiteSpiritIge's avatar
WhiteSpiritIgeHobbyist Traditional Artist
When I added the wolf ears, they won't stay stand still. They keep falling back and forth. Any advice?
clearkid's avatar
clearkidProfessional Filmographer
You can put wire in any thing you want stiffened. Try this: [link]
CandySlush's avatar
CandySlushStudent Writer
I got a buckle of fabric under my ears TT^TT does anyone know what I did wrong? Or this happen to anyone else?
Thee-Enchantress's avatar
Thee-EnchantressStudent Writer
Okay, I am working on the Toothless hat and I don't know how to do the two bottom fins? Do I just add another seam in the rectangle?
starrywishy's avatar
starrywishyStudent General Artist
I needed this so bad! Thank you thank you thank you!
gothicmennace's avatar
I plan to make a jester's hat with only two points. How would I add those in, since they'll be a bit of an awkward shape? :} I only have a week to make this hat perfectly, so I'd love some advice! <3
gothicmennace's avatar
I'm wondering, how would this work to add Jester...flaps? I'd like to make a Jester hat, with only two points, not three. I know how to sew the dangly parts together, I'm just wary of attaching it to a hat. :} The hanging parts will be much longer than ears, etc, and I don't want to mess up, I only have a week to make this hat perfect! <3
AzakiShimo's avatar
AzakiShimoHobbyist Artist
Can you teach me how to sew? :D Seems fun~ :D This is my... i dont know.. but my firs time trying~ :D
BuggyCashew's avatar
BuggyCashewHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm confused.
inherithp's avatar
So if I wanted to make a pony hat with ears, do you think I should make the seams on the sides of the head and add the ears a bit further down? Probably the best course of action? And if I wanted to maybe add a mane, do you think it'd be best to sew it into the center seam?
clearkid's avatar
clearkidProfessional Filmographer
Yep. A tip, if you add the ears wider apart, you need to give the ears a serious angle at the bottom so they'll stand up straight against the curve of the hat.
inherithp's avatar
So, let's say I'm making a pony hat. Would it be best to orient the seams so they go along the sides of the hat and then add the ears further down?
reaperxnekoxx's avatar
reaperxnekoxxHobbyist General Artist
I want to make a pikachu hat but i understand how to do tha fleece hat but the whole ears thing confuses me :/
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