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From all my old artwork to the newest one (Touhou Artwork Only) :icononiononionplz:
i wanna make my own wallpaper :D
Fujiwara no Mokou or Moko-tan
Utsuho Reiuji or Okuu
Remilia Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet
Patchouli Knowledge
Parsee Mizuhashi
Hong Meilin / Meirin
Sakuya Izayoi
Konpaku Youmu
Hakurei Reimu
Aya Shameimaru

from 2010 to 2012
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Wow your picture really smooth color!
GhostmanDeviantart's avatar
What tutorial do you think gave you the ability to draw this well?
spaghetti-dinner's avatar
No tutorial, just to practice
GhostmanDeviantart's avatar
Thanks, I realize that now. Also, would you say that drawing realism helped you draw this well. if you drew realism at all.
Tabbender's avatar
Love it, Aya looks like Pit XD
TheAnticDealer's avatar
Marisa is gone... :P
Defect-User's avatar
To Favourites only for Parsee :3
Sunlight-Reverie's avatar
Uh, Marisa, where are you?
diomenes666's avatar
cool, that parsee looks so cute*.*
ZzMurderawzZ's avatar
Dragonmaster3456's avatar
What a Nice collection of Touhou Characters you got there :iconchenplz:
Metroid-Life's avatar
Oh, you're the one who made that Sakuya? Well done, yes...
Greencrystal2000's avatar
I love it because mokou is in it
nero579's avatar
WOW! It's look nice :iconharuhiplz:. I love it! :iconreimuplz:
Definitely worth setting as a desktop background, if it were at a higher resolution. Please make a bigger version!
jahaliel's avatar
Amazing! I love it.
Toonicorn's avatar
This is awesome! 10/10!
eatmypantsu's avatar
:iconspazattackplz: too amazeng QAQ
Penguinton's avatar
Dang! This is really awesome group picture!
Bigjim3D's avatar
This is simply so greatly awesome. I cannot say anything else. You must have put so much of a work to finish this :wow:
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