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The place to come and find the best pre-cut stock to make your work easier!

"We care about our members stock, not about how many members we have. We'll try to provide the best quality pre-cut stock for you!"


Membership Info


:pointr: You must be a provider of free good quality, high resolution Stock
:pointr: Please give us :thumbcodes: to at least 5 of your stock resources in your Join request .
:pointr: Any membership requests from non-stock artists will be declined!

Submission Rules

:pointr: Your stock must be uploaded to dA's Stock & Resources gallery
:pointr: Your stock must be your own work!!!
:pointr: Your stock must be of good quality, no extremely over/underexposed, grainy or unsharp images
:pointr: Your stock must meet dA's size requirements of 1000x1000px min. size
:pointr: Your stock must be pre-cut/clear-cut
:pointr: Your stock must be submitted to the right folder/category.
Due to deviantArt's new Torpedo Thumbnail Grid we will no longer move deviations and will decline wrongly submitted deviations.

Please Support Clear-Cut

:iconpointsjarplz: :iconpointsjarplz: :iconpointsjarplz: :iconpointsjarplz:

Think that Clear-Cut is worth to be supported? :nod: Feel free to donate some or a lot of points to our piggy bank


All points will be used to upgrade to SuperGroup status (prime goal) or as prizes for challenges/contest and other fun events.

:iconthankyouscript1::iconthankyouscript2::iconthankyouscript3: :iconpointisloveplz:






Contests 2018

New Challenge-Jokers, Jesters and HarlequinsNEW CHALLENGE- Jokers, Jesters and Harlequins
Greetings Castle Dwellers...
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of inspiring artwork using these types of models and since for many here, we're moving into Summer. That makes me think of carnivals, circuses and such. So let's have some fun working with models that fit. Game on!
Here are the details:

:bulletred: Your work MUST feature a Model , NOTE: We suggest you refrain from using The Joker as represented by Heath Ledger. Create your own story.  
:bulletred: There are a lot of stock choices to choose from in the realm of jokesters etc and lots of genres can be represented so be creative,  there are MANY ways to interpret this challenge. Go for it! Work a clever concept for us.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media photomanipulations and digital mixed media.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work t
New Challenge- WHAT LIES BENEATHGreetings Castle Folk...
What lies beneath your pillow or bed? And what lies beneath the lake or ocean? What lies beneath the soil? These are just a few of the concepts that can be illustrated with our new challenge. Let's get our creative gears moving to imagine WHAT LIES BENEATH, OK? :thumbsup:
:bulletred: You are NOT required to use a model BUT we recommend it.
:bulletred: You must include in your description what you are illustrating.
:bulletred: You are only limited by your own imagination, show us your best creative effort.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media is WIDE OPEN, options for the type of media include collage, traditional media, digital.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9th, 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work to show that it's not due by noon ;p)
:bulletred: You MUST include our group icon and the challenge theme in your description. If this is missing we MAY accept the piece but it will not be considered for priz

Gallery Folders

Halloween IX - A Cat's Curiosity by poserfan
A Halloween's Night by poserfan
Female - 3D Characters, Fantasy, Toon
I'm So Sexy by PhoenixRisingStock
Daddy's Girl by PhoenixRisingStock
Bloody Mary by PhoenixRisingStock
Medieval 1 by PhoenixRisingStock
Male - 3D Characters, Fantasy, Toon
Templar 3 by PhoenixRisingStock
Horse And Rider by PhoenixRisingStock
Combat Soldier by PhoenixRisingStock
Astronaut 2 by PhoenixRisingStock
Children - 3D Characters, Fantasy, Toon
K4 Fairy Tabby 7 by sweetpoison67
Penny By Sweetbananadreams by Sweetbananadreams
Little Bavaria by oldhippieart
Baby Queen by CatONineTales
Animal Kingdom
2021 cutout 22 by SonjaGatetodreams
2021 cutout 21 by SonjaGatetodreams
2021 cutout 19 by SonjaGatetodreams
2021 cutout 12 by SonjaGatetodreams
Alien by PhoenixRisingStock
Folde 2 by Elkebru
Griffin IMG 2325 by WDWParksGal-Stock
Water Dragon by poserfan-stock
1017 Mermaid Tails 02 by Tigers-stock
MerMaid Tail 002 by poserfan-stock

Mature Content

Lionfish Siren 001 by poserfan-stock
Aquamarine by poserfan-stock
Free Stock PNG:  Jagged Rock Formation by ArtReferenceSource
2021 cutout 8 by SonjaGatetodreams
2021 cutout 7 by SonjaGatetodreams
Cutout 176 by SonjaGatetodreams
Fantasy Accessories
A Treature Chest Clearcut IMG 2045 by WDWParksGal-Stock
Fairy House 006 by poserfan-stock
Shroom Throne 001 by poserfan-stock
Shroom Throne 002 by poserfan-stock
Wings 11 by PhoenixRisingStock
Wings 2 by PhoenixRisingStock
Wings 1 by PhoenixRisingStock
2019Cutout12 by Lollipop Stock by SonjaGatetodreams
Painted Dark Hair Stock by bonbonka
Halloween Prop 1 AreteStock by TheStockWarehouse
Valentine 9 by SonjaGatetodreams
Christmas Angel Clear-cut by WDWParksGal
Halloween + Cemetery
Cutout 135 by SonjaGatetodreams
icycle PNG by dreamlikestock
DSC05251red Eagle with fish by piaglud
Monastery Of Galati by PhoenixRisingStock
Cutout 158 by SonjaGatetodreams
Stone Ruin.. by AledJonesDigitalArt
Food and Drink
apple by margarita-morrigan
straw hat by mistyt-stock
Cutout 478 by SonjaGatetodreams
Music Instruments
Vintage Music Box by PhoenixRisingStock
Sport Objects
Surf Board 001 by poserfan-stock
Valentine 20 by SonjaGatetodreams
Steampunk Frame 2 by lumpi69
Old train and trainstation PNG by dreamlikestock
Scythe by PhoenixRisingStock
SpaceX Satelite by PhoenixRisingStock
2019Cutout30 by Lollipop Stock by SonjaGatetodreams
Real People
Baseball Boy by PhoenixRisingStock
Bnspyrd Precut ColourSplashQuote by Bnspyrd
Christmas Time Of Year by PhoenixRisingStock
PSD Layerd Backgrounds
Galadriel'sMirror Exclusive background Preview by IgnisFatuusII
Brushes + Silhouettes
Waterfall PS Brush SET 2 by FrostBo
PhotoShop Add-Ons - Style, Pattern + Actions
Style Minions by sonarpos
Premium Content
Premade Scene 7 by PhoenixRisingStock
Exclusive Stock
BG Energy Blue by poserfan-stock


Clear-Cut Needs You!!

Thu Mar 16, 2017, 10:40 AM

Open Admin Positions

Hiya fellow stockers,
We are looking for some more admins for this group, which means we need you to help us!

We are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Requesting Artwork: Admins are responsible for requesting a minimum of 10 stocks per week into our galleries.
  • Promotion: Admins to help us invite new members into the group, affiliate/network with other stock groups throughout DA, contribute links of interest like contests and challenges
  • Housekeeping: Admins to help for Gallery and Favorites organization (aka keep them nicely sorted). Help manage main admin team, replying to notes, accepting submissions etc.

#: several
Language: Fluent English is required, additional languages are welcomed

In addition we are looking for people who can come aboard as Co-Founder to all three of our stock groups.

:iconjoint-stock: :iconclear-cut: :iconfantasy-stock-group:

 The main admin team on all these groups consists of me, Phyllis aka TheStockWarehouse (also known as WDWParksGal-Stock) and Anthony aka supersnappz16. While each group has some more admins we want to widen the core circle to 5 maybe 6 admins.

Job Description: Co-Founders are given full control and are able to run the group in the Founder's absence , so you need to be trustworthy.

All 3 group are well-settled and run smoothly, however you need to be able to check regularly and handle things that need attention at the moment.
You need to know dA's stock rules as well as the ones for each group plus the gallery structure of each group. It's probably helpful if you are a stock provider yourself, however it is not required.

If you are interested, please send a note to poserfan-stock stating
  • What you want to do in the group. (You can pick multiple roles if you like)
  • Why you think you should be considered.
  • One suggestion on how you think Clear-Cut could improve.

We're looking forward to meeting you!! OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

Donations Catch them points by BurgerBunny

If you want to support Clear-Cut , donations are accepted Donate Points by LauNachtyr at our piggy-bank clearcutbank
All donations are greatly appreciated!

  point is love by supperfrogg point is love by supperfrogg point is love by supperfrogg point is love by supperfrogg
We need to raise 4,796 Points in order to be able to upgrade to SUPERGROUP status
Thank you! :la:

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Clear-Cut affiliates only with other pure stock-groups or photomanip groups with extra stock folders.


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