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Ayumi Fukuda [app for a group thing dont mind me]

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NAME: Fukuda, Ayumi [福田 歩実]

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15

BIRTHDAY: October 11




HEIGHT: 162 cm/5'4"

WEIGHT: 135 lbs/61 kg

ROMANTIC/SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Doesn't like labels, but pretty much open to anything.

CV: [Sawashiro, Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)] (in the role of Atsuko Katagiri from the anime AKB0048) [voice clip at 0:22 in this video]



CLUB: Gardening


DORM: C-03 with Ikeda, Yuudai

BEST SUBJECT: World history and science (specifically chem and bio)

WORST SUBJECT: Math and language ;_;

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: World history and art

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Doesn't have one, she likes all her classes ^_^ even if she sucks at some of them and doesn't study as much as she should |D

GRADES: Anywhere from low seventies to high nineties [a jack of all trades, but master of none :P]




Shy - [being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people] Speaking up around strangers is hard for her. Her timidness has faded quite a bit with age, but she's still not the most outgoing person.

Indecisive - [(of a person) not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively] Let's just say that course selections are a nightmare. She prefers to keep her options open and make choices that can easily be changed in the future. Picking sides between friends is tough as well.

Open-minded - [willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced] Exposed to the wonders of the internet at a young age, Ayumi has become quite open to new or "strange" ideas. She prefers to look at something from all angles and through different opinions before making any judgments, but even then she's a firm believer of letting people live their life despite differing opinions (unless it's hurting someone). She's also easily persuaded by logical arguments. This also applies to food as well of course >:3

Intrapersonally Secure [self secure; the opposite of being insecure] Ayumi doesn't get jealous. Ever. She's never thought it was weird, isn't it natural to feel happy when a friend does well? As an aspiring artist this is an especially useful trait (what with all the amazingly talented people in the art world |D). Of course when it comes to relationships it's just a little bit different...

Reserved - [slow to reveal emotion or opinions] Even with people she's especially close with, there are some things that she just doesn't talk about. It's probably a subconscious thing, perhaps it stems from her fear of confrontation or the fact that she's easily embarrassed. Pushing her views onto other people is just not something she's fond of, neither is having some else push their's onto her. 

Usually it's not really an issue, it just takes her some time to trust a person enough to tell them all the juicy details (not like she's got any life changing secrets lol). However, when paired with her natural timidness she sometimes finds herself in uncomfortable situations where she wants to speak her views, but is afraid of potential backlash and stays silent. This is something she's trying to change.

Honest - [surprisingly I could not find a suitable dictionary definition for this one, but I'm pretty sure everyone already knows what it means] Lying is very hard for her. Keeping secrets that might hurt someone? Even more so. Actually stealing something?! She'd sweat so hard a new ocean would form. Taking credit for someone else's work???? No. Just no.

BIOGRAPHY: Ayumi was born to a normal middle class family in an average suburban neighborhood. Her father was a banker, her mother an office worker and she had a little sister that was born the year she started elementary school. She wasn't particularly popular as a child, but she'd always had a decent sized group of friends. Unfortunately, she was also a bit shy around strangers and changed schools quite a few times growing up. Sometimes she would make friends quickly at her new school, other times not so much... Either way, with all the switching and finally the big move to the city, even the friendships she did forge didn't last very long.

Surprisingly, it was in the city that Ayumi's life finally began to settle down, and in her fifth year of elementary school she made her first lasting friendship. In truth, the only reason they became friends was because they were both the only kids in class who didn't have any friends. However, as time passed they genuinely formed a connection and began to act like real friends. Although they still didn't go to each other's houses all that often, or even talk on the phone, (like stereotypical besties :P) they still became the best of friends in their own way. As she went through middle school, best friend in tow, no other people truly entered their circle. She had expected high school would be much of the same, but it seems that life had a different plan in mind.

Her last year of middle school, Ayumi found out that her only friend would be moving across the prefecture next year and that they would no longer be able to attend the same high school. She was of course quite distraught at first, spending one of the most important periods of her life without her best friend by her side sounded like literal hell. However, she eventually came to terms with these new circumstances and took them as a sign, a sign that she needed to make some major changes in her life. Her parents had long warned her about the downsides of having only one friend, but now that her worst fears had become a reality, it really was time to take a stand. She had lived in seclusion far too long, it was now or never to make the most of her youth.

The first ambitious decision she made? Applying to her area's most prestigious high school, Ikehara High.

TL;DR Ayumi was born to an average family and lived a pretty average life, but she moved schools a lot as a kid so she had no lasting friendships until her last year of elementary. That one friend she made at that time was basically her only friend throughout middle school so when she found out her bestie was moving across the prefecture right before high school (meaning she'd be all alone next year) she freaked and decided that she needed to make some more ambitious decisions in her life. The first one was applying to her area's most prestigious high school: Ikehara High.

(ofc she still keeps in touch with aforementioned bestie tho and they meet up every other weekend for ramen ;P)



+Making new friends [even tho she's bad at it lol]

+Trying or learning about new things ÒuÓ [her early exposure to the internet has made her pretty open-minded]

+Creating extremely detailed lore and backstories for the millions of ocs in her head that she will never be able to write into a coherent storyline rip

+Cats and budgies [so cute >u<]

+LACE! SHOES! LACE SHOES! [Despite the fact that the generic school uniform loafers are almost all she wears, Ayumi has had a love for heels and all things lace since she was a child. She doesn't think it suits her appearance however so she generally keeps it a secret from all but her oldest friend.]

+Red bean ice cream


-Politics, the news, and the comment sections of controversial topics [people not getting along makes her sad |D]

-Being forced to "choose a side"

-Awkward silences

-Being stressed so she avoids all her responsibilities until the last minute ahahhaha what? it's a bad system. she knows.

-cucumbers [ew]

  • she went to private school for kindergarten where she got an early start on learning French and English
  • it's almost impossible for her to smile naturally without full-out laughing first
  • so unathletic it hurts
  • joined the gardening club cause it looked chill and she needs more fresh air and exercise but sport clubs are too intense and she likes flowers and plants and she needs to join a thing cause she doesn't know anyone at this new school and needs friends help
  • she secretly plays a sheet ton of mmorpgs |D

RP INFO: Eastern Time Zone [UTC-05:00] The last time I rped was like 2010 or some sheet so please be gentle with meeeeeee [and also I guess my style is a couple short paragraphs? third person]

-discord is probably best for me I think...
-dA notes are cool, probably not comments tho
-not sure about google docs but willing to try it out
-I don't have skype sorry >~< (might get it later tho idk)
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Welcome!!!!! Such a precious girl character ;;A;; <33
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Ah nooooo I forgot to reply to this so sorry thank you so much ; u;
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wHy hELlO ThERe :iconheplz:
MAY WE GET TO MAKE FRIENDS :iconallofusplz::iconallofusplz::iconallofusplz:
(she's so cute and sweet aww)
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lol ofc, let's be friends :D (also thanks >w<)
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wwwwwww she's so precious!!!!!


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ahhh thank you so much >~< yes pls do she needs protection 24/7ur babs are low key cuter tho *^*
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Welcome to the group by the way ;w;
Would you like to roleplay sometime? I have a discord or we can on here in notes
IH: Fujiko Abe (Blondie) 
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ee thanks x) your bab is precious too and omg I love the way you drew the uniform uwu I'd love to rp :D (I'm cool with either, but do you mind being my test subject for notes? >->)
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(suree cool with me <: )
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thanks, btw did you have anything specific in mind rp wise? I kinda like to plot a bit first so I know what to do lol
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Oo not sure really hah anything you have in mind?
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hmm not really >~<
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<w> welp us 

Well, we could go for a whole introduction based roleplay, since our characters have not met yet, my character isn't the best in science so we could play on that if you would like to.
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ey sure, maybe it's like the first chem quiz of the year is coming up and your character still doesn't understand it yet so mine offers to help? 
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