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CLEAN Furries



:star:What do we mean by "Clean"? It means we don't accept any art marked mature, or anything that is sexual in nature.

:star:Anyone can join, simply click the "join group" button at the top.

:star:Only members can submit art.

:star::star::star: - RULES - :star::star::star:


Hello, MyNameIsZura; and welcome to CleanFurries! Here I will be outlining our group rules FOR ALL MEMBERS and/or PEOPLE THAT SUBMIT.

First off, a few words.

CleanFurries is a group that was originally founded by T-Ingles. She turned it over to me some time ago, and I have been running it almost solo for quite a while now.

CleanFurries was founded on the idea that there should be a sort of “safe haven” for furries and furry fans alike that are not interested in the more….. “explicit”…. parts of the community, a cleaner place to browse and submit.

We are also focused on and dedicated to quality content. Our group is as much for the watchers as it is for the artists. Our rules and guidelines are meant not only to provide excellent quality for people flipping through the folders, but also to encourage every artist to do their very best.

Please do not confuse this with elitism. We do NOT, at ANY time, judge based on skill. Ever. A new and upcoming artist who submits a fully completed picture is going to get their artwork accepted into the group before a veteran artist who submits lineart ever will.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, please feel free to ask! If you see your submission was declined and you would like to know why, again, please feel free to ask. More often than not the reason it was declined was because it was submitted to the wrong category or was obviously sexually illicit.

Group rules and guidelines are not up for debate at this time.

I also DO NOT under any circumstances tolerate mini-modding. You will get a warning, and afterwards you will be removed and banned from the group. This is ultimately meant to be a safe place for everyone.

Finally, please be aware that this group is mostly run by one person. Sometimes the submissions take a while to go through, and the only point in time you should worry is if they expire. Additionally, it might take a few days for you to get a response. Please, PLEASE do not keep re-submitting your artwork if it is not accepted within a day or two. If you cannot handle a small wait, this group is not for you.

The rules themselves are going to be broken up into “General Rules” and “Folder Specific Rules”. Each separate rule is also designated by a star. Now then, shall we?

General Rules

:star: First and foremost, your submissions need to be acceptable for all ages!
  • Submissions are viewed by people of ALL ages.
  • While we understand that persons have to be of 13 years of age or older to join the group, we are also aware that it is possible to view the contents of this website without one, and that there are ways around filters.
  • Many people are uninterested and/or uncomfortable with the sexual and suggestive aspects of the fandom. Please keep in mind when submitting that this group was made and designed FOR those people!

:star: To further the point, this means ANYTHING rated above PG will be declined.
  • If it is “hot”, “sexy”, “fappable”, etc, it will be declined.
  • If it includes sexual genitalia, including but not limited to the vagina, penis, anus, scrotum, and/or female nipples, it will be declined. (This is not the time or place to argue the sexuality of female nipples.)
  • This includes suggestions of the above body parts. Bulges, fluff, outlines, and the like will earn your piece an automatic decline.
  • This also includes anything suggestive, such as; laying suggestively, posing suggestively, acting suggestively, will earn your piece an automatic decline.
  • Even if you do not see your piece as sexual or suggestive, if the mods see it as so, it will be declined.
  • It is possible to have tasteful, non-sexual nudity.
  • If you have it marked with ANY sort of mature filter, it will automatically be denied.
  • This also includes alcohol and drug use. It will not be permitted.

:star: We do not accept lineart!
  • This includes both sketches and nicely inked linearts.
  • This also includes bases and templates.
  • Grayscale, monochrome, or otherwise completed art does NOT fall under this rule and will be accepted.
  • Simple shaded lineart will no longer be accepted. It needs to be a fully completed grayscale or monochrome piece in order for shading to count.

:star: We do not accept advertisements! This includes, but is not limited to, the following;
  • Commission information regarding art or writing
  • Commission information regarding fursuits, badges, or other crafts
  • Flyers for get togethers, meetups, cons, or anything similar
  • Flyers for upcoming releases of books, movies, or anything similar
  • Adoptables, whether made from a template or originals, or the templates themselves, even when free to use

NOTE: A word of caution, I DO look at titles and descriptions.

:star: We do not accept multiples of the same template or drawing.
  • This means that if you used a base and re-colored it 3 times, only one will be accepted.
  • This holds even if they are different characters, and/or if the only difference is a differently colored shirt.

:star: Scans and photos must be readable!
  • Blurred, bad, smudgy scans will not be accepted
  • Blurred, out of focus, random photos will not be accepted.
  • Photos should have the main focus be on the furry being photographed.
  • For example, if taking a photo of a completed fursuit head, the focus should be on the fursuit head itself and not the background or things next to it.

:star: Literature in of itself should be PG as well!
  • Nothing sexual or suggestive
  • Please, no adult themes such as but not limited to drugs and alcohol!
  • No strong language!

:star: We don’t judge titles or descriptions.
  • We do not decline based on titles
  • We do not decline based on descriptions (unless it violates the advertisement rule)
  • We judge words if it is obvious or is a large part of the piece itself. This means that if your character is wearing a shirt with the F-word across it, obviously it will be denied
  • On the other hand, if somewhere on a reference sheet, it mentions the color of a characters’ phallus without showing the actual phallus, it will probably be accepted

:star: No gore/violence!
  • If your piece is excessively bloody, it will be denied
  • If your submission depicts violence, extreme aggression, or the intent for any of it, it will be denied.

Folder Guidelines

:star: Featured
  • Due to abuse, the feature folder is closed and will remain so indefinitely.

:star: Highly Detailed Works
  • This folder was originally created as an impromptu feature folder, but was closed for various reasons.
  • This folder is not open to submissions by members.
  • If I feel as though something belongs in this folder, I will accept the deviation into the folder it was submitted to, and move it myself.

:star: Anthro
  • This folder is closed due to the fact that it has reached its capacity.

:star: Anthro 2
  • Same as the original Anthro folder, this folder is for your typical, standard type of furry.
  • Animals who walk on two (2) legs and have human characteristics belong in this folder.

:star: Feral
  • This folder is meant for animals in their original forms.
  • For example, if it walks on four (4) legs (depending on the animal, of course) and has less human characteristics than anthros, it belongs here.

:star: Icons, Journal Dolls, Etc
  • Just as the title describes, this folder is for little, small things such as (but not limited to);
    • Journal dolls

    • Icons

    • Sprites

    • Busts

:star: Fursuits and Other Crafts
  • If it is tangible/wearable/handcrafted, it belongs here!

:star: Doodles
  • This folder is for random bits and pieces
  • Feel free to submit what you will to this folder, it has very little rules!
  • That being said, do NOT use it as a dump for all of your submissions.

:star: Reference Sheets
  • A place for your reference sheets!

:star: Comics
  • A page for your comics, both full and single pages!

:star: Literature
  • A place for your poems, novels, stories, anything of the written sort!
    • … but not commission information

:star: Other.Miscellanious
  • This folder is for “other” species.
  • Things such as aliens, insects, nekos, etc.

:star: The I Don’t Know Folder
  • This folder is used exclusively for people who honestly don’t know what folder their submission belongs in.
  • It is NOT a dump folder for all of your submissions and I will not tolerate it being treated as such
  • If you honestly don’t know where things go, ask! I’d be happy to help you figure things out.
  • All submissions sent here will be moved by me to the appropriate folder.
  • If this gets treated as a dump folder, I will close it, but that being said, don’t be afraid to submit here if you need to!

That’s about it, folks! Things here will change from time to time. The rules, and the group, evolve as new people and situations help it grow. I will always notify everyone if a major change happens, but small and minor tweaks might happen rarely.

As a last word, I just want to say THANK YOU for being a part of this group and helping it become what it is today!


Here's our Affiliates! Feel free to join them as well! c:
Lately I've had people asking me why their submission sits in the inbox and doesn't get accepted right away. More importantly, there are people that feel slighted because it seems like other submissions are getting approved before theirs are.

I'd like to take a minute to explain how the inbox works, at least for me, to hopefully clear this issue up.

Submissions to this group have the maximum "wait time" on them, which is a month. All submitted deviations to this group will sit in the admin's inboxes for a month before they expire and cannot be voted on anymore. I have my inbox set up to show me the oldest submissions before the earliest ones. I am almost always backed up by 3-4 weeks on submissions. This means that it will be 3-4 weeks before your submission gets voted on. Other submissions aren't getting sent through before yours - quite the opposite. The ones you see coming through have been sitting in the inbox for weeks before you sent yours in.

It is frustrating to see things idle for so long, I know. But there's only so much to do. I just ask for your patience and understanding in this matter, and to please not worry about your submissions unless they expire. In that case, please feel free to re-submit and wait again or re-submit and send a polite message explaining that it expired so I can sift through and find it to take care of it.

And once again, I will be looking to hire on more admins, so if you're interested in being a mod here, please comment or send me a note. Requirements for admin are;

1. Ability to get online and vote things through minimum 2 days a week, at least a few pages worth of submissions.
2. Ability to be polite to members and answer questions
3. Full understanding of the rules (questions are ok, I don't expect you to know everything, but you need to at least read them fully and understand them generally).

Thanks guys!

More Journal Entries


Group Info

All art consisting of CLEAN furry art!

For an entry to be qualified, It must be "furry" or at least animal-like. (Quads are accepted!)
Most importantly, it mustn't have anything matured! (this means no privates, and its preferred that breasts would be 'furred over' or not... emphasized?

CLEAN furries are generally ones that do not draw or condone "yiff" or "furry porn".

We do not support flaming or hating on people who do appreciate the more-then-PG-friendly art
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