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Legacy of Unicron by Darth-Pravius Legacy of Unicron :icondarth-pravius:Darth-Pravius 58 11 JETSTORM TRANSFORMERS BATTLE MACHINE by GUILLERMOTFMASTER JETSTORM TRANSFORMERS BATTLE MACHINE :iconguillermotfmaster:GUILLERMOTFMASTER 54 3 JETFIRE TRANSFORMERS BATTLE MACHINE by GUILLERMOTFMASTER JETFIRE TRANSFORMERS BATTLE MACHINE :iconguillermotfmaster:GUILLERMOTFMASTER 72 10 Vehicons Transformers Battle Machine by GUILLERMOTFMASTER Vehicons Transformers Battle Machine :iconguillermotfmaster:GUILLERMOTFMASTER 48 0 Shackle Game-3D Monster Reference Sheet by Trans-Crystal Shackle Game-3D Monster Reference Sheet :icontrans-crystal:Trans-Crystal 1 2 BumbleShot by Kurosaki-Dattebayo BumbleShot :iconkurosaki-dattebayo:Kurosaki-Dattebayo 6 1 An Epic Shot by dragoonbigl An Epic Shot :icondragoonbigl:dragoonbigl 12 13 Amberwing by mewtwo-love Amberwing :iconmewtwo-love:mewtwo-love 49 8
Chapter 22 : When a Cousin came along : part 2
After Airachnid and Sonic Wave had escape the Nemesis, another ship landed on the Nemesis. Crossfire arrive,the pod opened and another femme came out of the ship.
" HEY, CUZ! "
Crossfire's thought : Oh no,not you!
Crossfire ignore her greeting,turned and walked away behind a Vehicon.
" aww, c'mon cuz!. Don't you miss your cousin after these so~ many Eons? "
-Crossfire tried to smile but her eye kept on twitching-
" Of course I DO! "
" something wrong cuz? "
" No,I'm just happy to see you!...hehe "
. . .
" please come there!,take my cousin a tour of the ship "
. . .
" yes, Lady Crossfire " Steve said " right this way..."
Crossfire's thought : Rrrrrr,...I hate that bitch!
Crossfire went back inside the ship to go back to whatever she was doing earlier. While Steve is giving the femme a tour of the ship,they passed by Breakdown. The femme looked at Breakdown with a smirk on her face.
" purrr....., hi....reow..."
-with her fingers out and doing the 'cat scratch'...thing-then Break
:iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 3 2
The Change 8: What's Going On?
       "You mean to tell me that the human girl escaped?!?!" screamed Starscream.
      "Forgive us, Commander Starscream you see the somehow--" Knockout trying to explain.
      "Must I remind you, AGAIN!?!! I'm sure that it's that same girl years ago!"
       Knockout and Breakdown both showed sheepish expressions "Um... actually we don't." Knockout chuckled nervously.
       Starscream groaned, "Why am I surrounded by cones?" he murmured,
"Listen to this:" he said, "This may be that same human girl, that has many wonders years ago."
      "You still lost us, there, LORD Starscream." explained Breakdown.
      "Do you remember when we took the Autobots' little girl?"
       Breakdown's and Knockout's optics widen,
:iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 8 19
Bane Reff sheet by Stolen-Wings Bane Reff sheet :iconstolen-wings:Stolen-Wings 71 8 Transmetal Dissever - FINALLY by Heatherbeast Transmetal Dissever - FINALLY :iconheatherbeast:Heatherbeast 166 53 I can still feel his spark by Xx-Antares-xX I can still feel his spark :iconxx-antares-xx:Xx-Antares-xX 441 49

F.A.Q. / Rules

How do I join the club?
If you'd like to join our group, just click on the "Join Group" icon! Remember, just deviant-watching us doesn't make you a member! :)

Why are we called Cleanformers?
Because we do not allow any sexual content.

We want this to be a safe place for people who are uncomfortable with, or simply do not want, sexual content in their fanart. We try to collect pieces that are clean and family-friendly.

We do not hate sex or sexual content! There is a time and a place for everything. This is the place for non-sexual content.

Due to some disagreements, pairings are also not allowed. We are not equating romance to sexual content. The "no sex" and "no pairings" rules were created for different reasons.

The rules are:

:bulletgreen:No sexual content of any kind is allowed.

:bulletgreen:No pairings

No pairings please.

:bulletgreen:No R-rated content

Now, we don't mind a little swearing or a little violence. If your art has "hell" or "damn" or stuff like that, whatever. But strong language (such as the "f-word") is too much. So keep it down! Likewise a little violence is OK, seeing as TF is a story about war, so it's inevitable there are going to be some death/battle scenes. That's fine. However, anything TOO gory will be rejected. When submitting fanfiction, please include a rating in the description and the reason for the rating. This makes it a LOT easier for us, as otherwise we would have to read every single fic submitted.

:bulletgreen:No artwork that is not yours

This includes screenshots, art you didn't draw, another artist's work used without permission, any official TF artwork (unless you are an official TF artist), or anything else that isn't your own handwork. (Obviously this does not include things like collabs, those are allowed)

:bulletred:Please be polite and respectful of others at all times.

Yes, that's right. This isn't preschool, so I think you can all behave yourselves. But when in doubt, just BE NICE.

:bulletgreen:OC's are allowed

Yep. Pretty simple.

:bulletred:OCxCanon is NOT allowed

No romance please. If your OC is merely interacting with a Canon char and there is not meant to be any romance, that's fine. Pretty much any relationship EXCEPT romance is fine, in fact. :)

:bulletred:OCxOC is currently not accepted.
At TFCon2019, Marty Isenberg (story editor) and Eric Siebenaler (TF designer) revealed that not only would they love to continue work on TFA if given the opportunity, but that Hasbro does listen to what the fans want to an extent. They claimed that if the fans truly want the show to continue, they should keep discussion and love for the show alive and loud and let Hasbro know at all opportunities they'd like to see it continue. To quote someone who attended their TFA panel on March 16th 2019 (just to remind you this news is pretty fresh):

   "They said while Hasbro is constantly looking forward, they're paying attention to what direction the fans want to go in. They left it at they're still very, very interested in continuing Animated, but they need us to get Hasbro's attention." ... "Mainly [to get Hasbro's attention], they said make a ruckus in the forums. The panelists reiterated the fact that Hasbro keeps an eye on fan sites, and the best way to get their attention then is by keeping the discussion going and by making it apparent that we do want more Animated content."

[Source 1][Source 2][Source 3]

  Transformers Animated is widely claimed as one of the best Transformers cartoons to date and is loved by many, many fans. It was cut short in anticipation of Rise of the Fallen, with it's third season being rushed and it's fourth season shut down very early in it's development. The fanbase remains strong even with the ten year anniversary of it's last episode in May fast approaching, and fans across social media are already jumping at the idea of a continuation of their favorite series. Some fans are even encouraging others to make a ruckus on April 11th especially, lighting up social media with support for the show and sending Hasbro messages of interest in the idea.

  If you are one of the many who would like to see the show return, now is your chance! Official sources say Hasbro is open to the idea, but they need fan encouragement. Stream TFA where it's available, discuss the show on popular Transformers fan sites and post your love for the show on social media and @ Hasbro! Spread and share your fanart, fanfics, theories, or just a classic cry of support. You can even take part in the aforementioned fan event on April 11th if you'd like.

  Y'all are more than welcome to share this news around as well, the more people shouting their love for TFA from the virtual rooftops the better, but don't forget to link the sources for the claims if you do! There have been many rumors of the show returning over the years, but this time we have confirmation from the crew and it's important to include not only the sources but the information that this is recent. Otherwise people might blow this off as a rumor, and we could miss our chance.

  Go make some noise!

      - Mod Cozy Autobot Bullet by transformers-plz
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